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    Leaves staining pool liner

    We have closed our pool for the winter and not covering it for the winter likely. We have a lot of mature trees around the pool and seem to be staining the bottom. Is there anything we can do to get rid of the staining?
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    how low to drain to pool if not covering it?

    We're looking to not cover our in-ground pool this year after closing for the winter. Wondering how low can we go or should we go? Given that we live in Ontario, Canada so get plenty of snow. p.s. Is there any cons for not covering it?
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    easiest way to aerate

    Trying to bring TA down from 140. I prefer not to "make" anything, so can I keep my pool jets at surface? I have about 4? Would that work okay?
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    Boric Acid

    Just wondering if this Boric Acid is okay to use for adding borates to pool? My Alkalinity is at 140 for a Vinyl pool, I assume I should bring this down before adding? Thanks
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    CYA reading at 0

    I tested my CYA when pool opened and it was 0. I added some dry stabilizer and it got up to 50. Now a month later, it's reading at 0 again, how can that be? We've gotten a lot of rain and backwashed somewhat but I don't know why it's reading at 0 still. I was under the impression it does not...
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    recurring dirt at bottom of pool

    We have a in ground 25000 gallon vinyl pool with a sand filter that has been running for about a month straight. We have had to SLAM for about a 21 days straight before we opened it very green. Test results: CH: 225 TA: 140 pH: 7.4 CYA: <30 CC: 0.3ppm FC: 4ppm The pool is clear (can tell if...
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    Rectangle Safety Cover for Kidney/Freeform Pool

    We're looking to get a safety cover for our pool, all the quotes we've gotten are $4000 (uninstalled) or around there. Wondering if I can just buy a rectangle pool cover (specifically looking at Loop Loc) and install that. Our dimensions are 18' by 36' and the short part of the kidney is 16'...
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    zorbie in a pool

    I bought some zorbie's for our hot tub but ended up selling the hot tub, wondering if I can make use of it in our pool? Thanks
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    flow rate question

    I have a ~20,000 gallon pool (irregular shape so not sure about the volume 100%). I'm wondering how long it takes my water to go through the filter once. I have a Hayward 1HP Pump 1.5" Hayward Super Pump 1 HP Inground | Pool Supplies Canada I have a Hayward Sand Filter Model # SP-711-TXC with...
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    what does it mean for pool to be crystal clear?

    I've included a before picture and two after pictures. We started SLAM about 14 days ago. I'm not sure what clear means because I can see down to the deep end clearly for the first time. However, I cannot see to the bottom of deep end from a second floor window of the house (first picture), not...
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    Cloudy/Hazy Light Blue Pool

    First time pool owner. Opened it about 16 days ago (Ontario). Attached are picture from when it opened, a bit of a transition picture and what it looks like now. About the Pool (18' x 36' widest parts): - 90,000L - Chlorine - Sand Filter *Filter has been consistently running for 16 days, since...