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    First test results and first time pool owner

    I was handed control of the pool from my builder yesterday. Anxiously waiting for the remaining ~20 days to be able to turn on our heater so it's a good temperature for our first swim. First test results today using my Lamotte 7022 test kit: FC: 2.5 pH: ~7.6-8.0? See below question. TA: 60...
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    New Build in Southern California

    We just signed with a PB. We'd appreciate an initial equipment check and any suggestions. Here are the specs: 16'x40' IG shotcrete rectangular pool. 3.5'-6' depth for pool. 4.5'x10' spa within the pool with 6 jets. 3.5' depth for spa. 4.5'x15' shelf 2' stucco or tile wall with 6' cascade...