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    Beautiful but cannot balance

    So, I started with TFP pools this year and my pool has never been more beautiful and easy to maintain. I recently was away for a few days and upon returning, I had a little algae forming at the bottom of my pool. The water is not cloudy and is still blue but I decided to SLAM to kill the algae...
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    Leaving on vacation

    Ok, so our pool looks better than it has in the last 4-5 years. Thanks to TFP. We are leaving at the end of this month for 10 days and I am worried that our pool will revert back to its old ways. What can I do to keep this beautiful blue clear TFP pool while I am gone?
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    SLAM & algae questions

    Using TFP guidelines, we were able to get our pool balanced and beautiful within a few days and opened up for the season. After 2 weeks, cloudiness, then algae. Worked on getting our pH (7.4) and CYA (40) within range and began our first SLAM yesterday. I am using the PoolMath app and following...