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    5 month old pool rusting! Help!

    You could use one of the many rust reformers that are out there. Your local hardware store should carry some sort of rust neutralizer/reformer.
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    Water splashing out of skimmer

    I think this would be an easy quick fix. I would think even the painters tarp/ clear plastic would work also. I know on my skimmer it has a little play for the lid.
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    Through Wall Skimmer for Intex Ultra Frame

    Found pics of the part I used to convert to the Intex pump filter. I could'nt find the parts to link in the post so not sure if they have changed them or if the local HD/Lowe's etc. Will have them now. I bought the parts a while ago. There was two different fittings I have used. The grey one...
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    Intex air jet valve... Why? How to plug it?

    The vacuum caps are a rubber cap that would just go over the top of that fitting. Or another idea is if it unscrews at the bottom or wherever the threads are you could put a ziplock bag over the hole and screw the fitting back in, the bag would stop the aeration if it doesn't tear when you...
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    Intex air jet valve... Why? How to plug it?

    I have the old style that's smaller on my pool. You could measure the OD of it and find a vacuum cap (you should be able to find them at Auto parts store) that fits it snugly and use that. I'm assuming this is the suction side?
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    Dirt under stairs

    Give the PVC idea IL_WS posted above, I think that's a great idea. How I get dirt etc from behind my ladder is I use a flower water wand that has a removable head and put a driveway sprayer on it to shoot under/ around the stairs. It works great, and I use it to spray the seams on my intex...
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    Can I use intex sand filter with summer waves in wall filter?

    Instead of getting the conversion parts listed above it might be about the same price or cheaper to get the Hayward skimmer and eyeball and hard plumb the new Intex filter and SWG in the pool. The only thing I might be worried about is if the Summer Wave pool skimmer is larger than the Hayward...
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    Rectangle mesh pool cover

    Sounds like a good idea if you have problems with debris getting in the pool. Just a quick search turned up this for leaf net pool covers. LEAF NET COVER
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    Best Salt water generator AGP 21,000 gal

    Thanks for the link on the timer, I already have one for the pool but might upgrade to that style.
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    Tricks for draining the last 5-6 inches of water...

    The pump you linked to looks more like a permanent mount pump with 1 1/2' pvc outlet. I would suggest one that hooks up to a garden hose for ease of use. It also looks like that model has a float switch on it. Not sure how much water it will leave in the pool before it turns off. I used a...
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    Deck mounted ladder help

    You could also put stainless tee nuts under the deck so the screws anchor in them instead of the wood.
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    UV protection for rim of Intex Above Ground pool

    On our old pool we had the same thing happen. I have heard of people putting pool noodles on to protect the top rail. I was going to attempt to put the 3M clear vinyl bra on my old one but we bought a new one before I was able to try it. The old one was almost like fiberglass was getting in...
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    Unable to keep the pool clear this year

    Amazon has it about the same price and has a bigger one for not much more. Get the biggest one you can afford, less backwashing etc.
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    Through Wall Skimmer for Intex Ultra Frame

    I used these parts from Amazon to convert to normal fittings and hard plumbed my pool with the standard Hayward skimmer. Using 1 1/2" Schedule 40 PVC and fittings. There is an adapter that you make to convert the Intex to standard PVC. I don't have that info right now but will try to get it...
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    Unable to keep the pool clear this year

    Your signature says you are running the pump that came with the pool. I assume it's the small one. I would suggest upgrading to a sand filter, I would think the stock pump is part or all the problem with not filtering as good/fast as a sand filter setup.
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    skimmer and filter set up - help needed please

    I have the Hayward skimmer. If I remember correctly the skimmer comes with a hose barb fitting that the intex hose will attach to and you can clamp it instead of using the screw nut.
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    skimmer and filter set up - help needed please

    Look at this thread Useful links for Intex owners There are a couple threads on how to make adapters. I think I used a PVC reducer from 1 1/2" to 1 1/4" for my adapter. You use the nuts off the original Intex hose. And them you hard plumb it or use standard AGP hose. It looks like the...
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    12x24 done!

    Looks good, enjoy!
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    Replacing liner after leak

    I would get a hold of the installer/company you got the pool from in case you do something and it voids the warranty. They should be responsible for fixing the problems. Good luck.
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    Plugging 2nd intake on Intex pool

    If you have the old full size through wall fittings they should have the shutoff like the one on the left side of my pic that goes back into the pool. If you don't have them you can use the standard through the wall fittings like linked above and use this PLUG to cap it off. That is what I...
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    Plugging 2nd intake on Intex pool

    If you have the old valves with the wall fittings you can put those in where the smaller ports are and use one, both or none with the in wall skimmer. I used the standard thru wall fittings and just capped them off for now on my pool.
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    Hose leak at pool wall

    If you are using the plastic clamps I would try a good stainless clamp to start with. Do you have any pics to help with the diagnosis of the problem?
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    Keeping tree gunk and stuff out of pool

    You could do something like this with the sun sail material. Retractable shade. Or you could use grommets instead of the PVC.
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    Blacklisted Pool Install

    Thank you Casey, we are still working on it slowly. We don't want to go overboard now as we plan on a big renovation in the back eventually. We need to have retaining walls put up and level the back yard but that will be a huge expense so it will be far in the future. We are just making it...
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    Blacklisted Pool Install

    Sorry for the delay on pics, I forgot to get them and post them. Here is the current tray setup. And pics of the rock we put around the pool also since I am updating.
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    Just finished setting up 18x52 Intex pool... Question on how to make sure water does not sit on the outside of base?

    The liners are fairly thick and the rock we got is more rounded river rock type. I just didn't want the rock getting under the liner and possibly causing a problem. It wasn't much extra to do the landscape boarder and I can also see if there is any water accumulating around the pool with the...
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    Just finished setting up 18x52 Intex pool... Question on how to make sure water does not sit on the outside of base?

    We have rock and used a landscape border that I zip-tied to the vertical legs to keep the rock away from the pool liner. We don't get a lot of rain so we just deal with it in our short rain season. You could attempt to put some sort of french drain in to get water from around the pool. Here...
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    Replacing horizontal beams on intex 22'x54" pool

    I don't think you can replace them without draining the pool. Probably not the answer you want but I don't see any other way to do it.
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    Air Pockets in Intake Tube - Intex AGP

    I don't think it will hurt the SWG because it turns off when it gets the low flow. Do you have some pics of your hoses/filter setup you can post? You are still pulling air in from somewhere on the suction side. Hopefully tightening the fittings will eliminate the leak and you will be good to go.
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    Need help selecting new pump and filter!

    You could also get one pump/filter big enough for the entire pool but plumb it to both ends and use valves to regulate the flow to where you want it. Might help with the end your cleaner isn't getting that well. I'm no expert on what size pump to get but I'm sure someone else could direct you...