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    Raypak 406A 7 Pin Remote Plug/Cable

    I am trying to configure my Raypak 406A heater for remote operation. I opened up the panel and the 7 pin connector w/ 3 wires is not there. I went through my bag of goodies and no luck. I searched on the web to order but for the life of me I can't find it. I did find a wiring harness pack which...
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    2019 Pool Opening in VA

    Finally got the pool opened (of sorts). Pool company left, still unsure of my abilities to do the opening from scratch. Maybe next year... Anyways, pool was green, Pool Company threw a bunch of chemicals in. Finally cleared up two days ago and I have been vacuuming, brushing and backwashing...
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    Pool Caulk at Coping

    I have some of the caulk/filler that has peeled away and exposed the gap between my coping and concrete deck. Did a search on available products but wasn't sure which one to purchase. Any members able to link one that they use and are happy with. I can post pics if needed. Thanks!
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    DE Filter Pressure High (unusual activity)

    I need to reach back to the pros here at TFP. You always save my butt, and a few dollars. I have a Jandy DE filter that typically runs at 18-20psi. Earlier today after testing chemicals and sweeping the pool out, pressure was about 21-22psi. Triggered a thought that I will have to backwash...
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    Inground Pool Light Titled out of Niche

    Hello. Swimming in the pool yesterday I noticed for the first time that the pool light is titled out and up at about a 20-30 angle from the niche. The screw is still securing the light fixture. In an effort to fix, I turned off all breakers and jumped in with the handy dandy screwdriver. With...
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    Think Numbers Are Good - Are They?

    So after a lot of rain and some wildlife taking their last swim of their short lives, checked my pool hoping numbers are where they should be. While I was testing I heard one of my son's friends ask him "I thought your dad put chemicals in the pool that changed color if I pee in it". Kids...
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    Raypak Electronic Ignition - Fail To Light

    Heater is Raypak P-R406A-EN-C (natural gas) I opened the pool about two weeks ago and fired up the heater. Took about 20 seconds for it to light and ran well for several hours. Did this several times of the last two weeks, Friday 20 May being the last. Over the weekend we had a good amount of...
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    Pentair Mastertemp 400 #460736 Feedback

    Hi All. My Raypak 406 finally decided to stop working after 10 years or so. Looking to purchase a new one and was thinking of a new brand. The Raypak was so-so, became very finicky as the years went on. Anyways, after doing a lot of reading I keep gravitating back to the Pentair 460736 400KBTU...
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    Jandy Power Center Programming

    I have had an issue with my Jandy system for about a year now that I am unable to figure out... When we had our pool install, we got a Jandy Aqualink Power Center with the Jandy Aqualink RS OneTouch Control Panel in the house. The OneTouch was awesome because we could program the filter...
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    Need to Remove Booster Pump?

    Hello everyone. Just bought a Dolphin Nautilus robotic cleaner and love it. Thanks for all the information in the other forum tab. My question is I have a booster pump (that is on its last leg/season) that will no longer be needed. Obviously I don't have to cycle it through my control panel...
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    Jandy Aquapure EI Thoughts

    So, my wife has been harassing me about converting our pool (22,000g gunite in Northern Virginia) to the SWG system. I have finally gotten around to it and have been trying to do some research on the products. I have read through the forums and was wondering if any other members have had any...