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    Hayward S310S - Vari-Flow Valve Replacement Handle

    FWIW I just repalced another couple parts on this Hayward S310S filter. When I removed the handle I realized the rotating nylon washer (they call it a bearing) underneath was broken. So I have just replaced that with Vari-Flo Valve Non-Metallic Bearing part number SPX0710Z16 which seems like a...
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    Hayward S310S - Vari-Flow Valve Replacement Handle

    Sorry for delay... happy ending here... I believe the valve number is SP715X62 but the circular label is too faded to say for sure. Anyway, Hayward part SPX0710FL worked great to fix this handle. Both old and new handles show Patent Number 333-341. (n)(n) to Hayward who would not confirm the...
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    New hot tub/spa supply form existing pool elecrrtic wiring

    Hi, I've been offered a used hot tub in excellent condition. I plan to have have it moved professionally into a location about 50 ft from my existing pool pad. Can I put some kind of junction box in from of my existing pool electric box to branch off electric wiring for the new hot tub...
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    Hayward S310S - Vari-Flow Valve Replacement Handle

    Hi, Does anyone know if it is possible to purchase the handle only for a side-mount vari-flo valve on a Hayward S310S sand filter. Mine has cracked and is about to fully break. I can only find the entire valve available assembly online. Thanks, ft.
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    Older Goldline AquaRite - Board Compatibility

    Update, 3 days later... Happy ending :D After Inyopools support asked me to reseat the display board again, I noticed the right-most pin (pin 7) was poking through a hole on the display board but not connecting into the white connecting block. In fact all the pins were off-set to the right by...
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    Older Goldline AquaRite - Board Compatibility

    Update, 1 week later... Just installed the blue PCB (GLX-PCB-RITE) PL7100from For anyone else coming down this road the new board arrived with only 2 of the 4 nylon posts to attach to the wall box. I had to transfer 2 posts from the old board. Also the manual mentioned there...
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    Older Goldline AquaRite - Board Compatibility

    JUst purchased a generic replacement Aqua Rite Replacement Main PCB (GLX-PCB-RITE) PL7100 from for $157 (free shipping) after $10 coupon applied. Several Q&A's on the product page indicate it's a direct replacement for 066012c-1. Will report back after installation. ft.
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    Older Goldline AquaRite - Board Compatibility

    Thanks for the suggestion but that's way outside my comfort zone. Soldering the in-rush limiter was about as far as soldering goes for me. A new board looks to be about $150. The old one was in almost 14 years. I think it's time. I could just do with a recommendation on what to get. Many...
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    Older Goldline AquaRite - Board Compatibility

    I have an older Goldline Aquarite system. The main board has fried (see pic below), quite possibly due to my sub-prime soldering skills; I replaced the in-rush limiter a few times. In case anyone is wondering the symptoms were, Check Salt and Inspect Cell were solid. The board is labeled...
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    Goldline Aquarite - Check Salt & Inspect Cell Solid, Zero Salt - NOT Cell

    Thanks for reply. Had tried re-seating the the small display board already with no change. I don't think I can change the AL-3 to AL-0, I think the product name is part of the firmware. I did find time to pull the board out and take a look. Attached pic shows what I found on the back. Brown...
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    Goldline Aquarite - Check Salt & Inspect Cell Solid, Zero Salt - NOT Cell

    Thanks for the response. Here is a pic of the inside of the box and a pic of the board itself. Yes, there is a yellow 20A fuse. If I turn the system off, remove the fuse and restart the system it is electrically dead... no lights show and the lcd screen is blank. The diagnostics are: Default...
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    Goldline Aquarite - Check Salt & Inspect Cell Solid, Zero Salt - NOT Cell

    Hi, I know there are a lot of Aquarite threads like this but I could not find one with the exact same symptoms. It may be a coincidence but I had a new pump installed a month ago which increased PSI from 12 to 25. GEAR This is a Goldline Aquarite board with software r1.33. Problem is the...
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    A close shave! Pump shaft cap?

    Hi, The past month or so my main breaker back in the basement has been tripping when the pumps are running. Not every time, maybe just once a week. There was also a strange whining sound from the booster pump. Today I gave it one last look over before calling the pool company/electrician...
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    BGE or Gas Grill for Primary??

    Big Green Egg for sure. It might take 10 minutes longer to come to heat, but flavor from BGE is much better, and the maintenance and cleaning are minimal compared to gas. Plus, a few oak chips on BGE makes a pizza taste phenomenal.
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    Things I learned from TFP site...

    I learned some great stuff from the TFP site and it has made a world of difference to my pool. Please add to the list: 1. A test kit is very important. 2. Using a test kit I can balance my pool and get sparkly water using (mostly) grocery store products instead of expensive pool store...
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    Randow waves?

    Oceanic Conveyer Belt?
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    Randow waves?

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    Wiring speakers to receiver

    Don't forget AppleTV or Apple Airport Express as an option for controlling your music over WiFi from iPhone/Android. You will need the older Apple TV (3rd gen) unless you can do auio aut via HDMI (which is unlikely with an older receiver). ft.
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    Wiring speakers to receiver

    Did you see this post about raspberry pi with mini am in a sprinkler box? Looks like it would be a neat solution for about $150. If you want to use a regular receiver there I would choose 'full-channel stereo' sound option (or equivalent) in the receiver's interface. You can connect to the L...
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    Just my luck during the partial drain

    Have you tested recently? That much raining and draining should have significantly diluted your cya levels. ft
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    Finally removed inop light for analysis - Pentair light dated June 2004

    Glad it is working for you. Out of interest, did your electrician say anything about grounding connection or junction box replacement? ft.
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    Filter Gauge Problem - First Time Opening

    it's fine to run without a gauge. just make sure you regularly check your baskets for debris.
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    Bonding wire broken at equip pad, urgency?

    Metal detector? ft.
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    Intellibrite Light: 12 volt vs 120 volt

    Most importantly from a safety point of view, except for low voltage light listed as not requiring grounding, make sure your pool builder/electrician bonds AND GROUNDS the light niche correctly. There should be a single strand copper wire, insulated with green pvc, coming into your niche. Where...
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    Pentair Intellibrite 5g Color Lights - Wide v Narrow

    Hi, These lights have 'Wide' or 'Narrow/long' mode. The lens needs to be rotated 180 degrees to make the switch. They ship with 'Wide' as the default. I installed one wth default, Wide, a couple weeks ago. I like the light but am considering changing to 'Narrow' to bring some extra light to...
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    Pentair Intellibrite 5g vs. Hayward ColorLogic 4.0

    Do you already have a light or a light niche you are replacing? What brand is it? ft.
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    Sand coming out during backwash...

    Are you rinsing after your backwash, before your turn the valve back to filter? I think you are supposed to set to rinse for a minute or so after each backwash. If not, perhaps some of the gunk that got backwashed out was pumped back into the pool? ft.
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    Add a low voltage transformer to existing pool junction box?

    Thanks, yes there is a GFCI receptacle upstream at the control box. I looked for one of the above combo-receptacles with GFCI in addition, but Lowes did not have one. ft.
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    Coverstar auto cover motor cost

    Here's the motor part# retailing for $950, plus shipping. Coverstar Replacement Motor Complete Assembly | A0610 Seems to me like that is in keeping with what you paid. ft.
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    Reverse calculate pool size

    Hi, The 4300 indicated may just be a temporary 'too-high' reading, especially if you added a bunch of salt and checked at your SWG reading very shortly afterwards. I have seen it recommended (on this site) to run the pumps for at least 24hrs with the SWG off after adding a lot of salt to make...