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  1. racerboy6996

    outdoor bbq gazebos

    have any of you ever seen or used these? I would like to get some reviews before I consider purchasing ... x?a=784499 ... x?a=918450
  2. racerboy6996

    intex 16ftx32ftx52in install

    It is finally official. The new pool shows up next week. Even though we did the leveling for our 16ft round intex by ourselves, I decided to hire someone with a bobcat to do the grading for this one. He will be out on Saturday morning. I cant wait to get the foam board & support blocks down so...
  3. racerboy6996

    swimming with SWG

    Ok, I know that all of the pumps & SWG I have seen have warnings on them to only run them while no one is in the pool. Is there an actual reason for not running an Intex SWG while someone is swimming or is this just a warning to keep people from suing the company?
  4. racerboy6996

    cutting my intex pool

    I upgraded from the Intex 1000gph pump that came with my pool to a 2500gph. It came with the adapters so I could connect it to the smaller connectors on the 16ft & smaller Intex pools and that is how I had it hooked up for a total of 3 days. Today I finally decided to cut the pool so I could...
  5. racerboy6996

    question about solar covers

    I have a 16ft Intex pool & I am looking at getting a solar cover for it. My choices are either a 15ft or an 18ft. I am leaning towards the 18ft so that I dont have any open space not covered. Should I trip down the cover or would it be best to leave it hanging over? Also if I do trim it down...
  6. racerboy6996

    Intex pump question

    I currently have a 1000 GPH pump that came with my 18ft x48in AGP. I have heard the pumps are under sized for the actual pools they sell them with, so I am looking to go up & unfortunately can not afford to go out of the Intex pump price range right now. Would the 1500 GPH Intex pump actually...
  7. racerboy6996

    newbie trying to get rid of algea

    Before finding this forum I knew I had algae & I was told I needed to add CYA because what chlorine my SWG was producing was just being destroyed by the sun. Well I had found this forum but didnt realize how much I needed to read. My pool is in the sun at least 10hrs a day. Tuesday night I...
  8. racerboy6996

    Newbie testing

    Extreme newbie question. Do I need to shut the pump off before I test the water?
  9. racerboy6996


    Like most others in this section of the forum, I am a new pool owner. Bought a used Intex 16ftx48in ABG metal side w/ SWG. This forum has been a great find. I did not realize I was just starting to get an algae problem until I found this site. I am hoping I have caught it soon enough. Since...