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    Where is the chlorine from my Intellichlor ic40?

    How do I know if my Intellichlor ic40 is really producing chlorine as it should? The unit is about 4 years old, my salt level is good, all the lights are green, I'm running it at 100 percent output, I have even cleaned it with acid and there is almost no buildup inside. So why is the chlorine...
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    Replace pool light bulb?

    Hi the light went out in my spa and I would like to change the bulb (see attached image). I've never done this before but it looks like 3 screws hold it in. I plan to take out the screws and pull out the light and think it should be obvious what to do next. Is there anything I need to know...
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    Mice in the MasterTemp 400 heater!

    Hi All, I know there are a million posts about mice in the heater and I read a bunch, but I wasn't able to find the exact info I need. Maybe you can help? Thought I would open the pool really early this year so last Monday 4/10 I scheduled the opening- the man/company that built the pool in...