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    Normal sand filter differential?

    What is the normal differential pressure on a ‘clean’ sand filter? Mine ranges from 17-20. I’m trying to determine if the installer put enough sand in it, because my pool is cloudy and I’m not seeing an increase in differential pressure or visual indication when I back flush.
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    Pump cycle times?

    Well guys I am 1 week into my pool and enjoying it (not as much as kids). Are there any preferences/guidelines on when/how long to run the pumps? For the first 5 days we ran the pump 24 hours/day to assist with clearing the water. The last few we ran from 6 am to 2 pm. We were getting some...
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    New pool full of water, starting SLAM.

    Contractor filled pool 2 days ago, then added shock and 5 chlorine pucks yesterday with cloudy water. Got up this morning, back-flushed sand filter with very little sign of fouling. Ran water tests with 7.5 FC, 0 CC, 0 CYA, 7.2 PH, 200 TA, and 300 CH. I was surprised at the CYA results since...
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    New startup inventory?

    Our 18x36x8 vinyl pool will be complete and ready for water within a week. How much of y’all each chemical do you recommend I purchase to keep on hand? I thought I saw a post about this, but was unable to find it.
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    Pool light timers?

    Are there any timers available to shutoff lights after a few hours? I know there are switches that can be programmed for certain times, but I’m looking for something that will allow lights to be on a few hours after activating the switch.
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    First time pool owner in Louisiana

    Hey everyone, first time pool owner in a few weeks. Look forward to learning.