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    Someone must make this?

    We have the Sonos system and couldn’t be happier.
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    Low Voltage, Low Profile Pathway Lights Need Help!

    Volt Lighting is what we use and couldn’t be happier.
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    Pentair East Touch 4 help

    Thanks Jim, We are having our Sunday family meal and I will get you the info as soon as I can. I don’t have SL on my computer but will have shortly. Thanks so much for your help! As soon as I get a chance, I will update. Once again, thanks so much.
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    Pentair East Touch 4 help

    I’m just interrupting power for the Volt low voltage lighting and wanting to control through EasyTouch and ScreenLogic. Thr fountain is three in pool fountains and the automatic valve is controlled with aux 3. I was looking and I think two circuits (pump high & pump low) are run off of the first...
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    Pentair East Touch 4 help

    Thanks for your fast reply Jim. Signature is updated. The cleaner is run by the WhisperFlo. The lights are wired to the relay on the right. Didn’t have red wire oR red tape handy. I do have a pool light on Aux 2. Looks like the fountain is on Aux 3
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    Pentair East Touch 4 help

    Need some help figuring out the relays to energize perimeter lighting. I had one relay unused and decided to automate the lights. I brought power into the line side and out through the load side. Just can’t make it work. I have attached a couple of pics, any help would be appreciated. Thanks...
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    New pool need help....cloudy water

    In Houston try HEB brand Bravo bleach. Works good for me.
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    TF-100 refill sale

    Just ordered refills and wanted to pass along they are on sale until 21 March for 20% off.
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    Travertine Protective Sealer

    The 550 around all outdoor kitchen areas, exceptional for oil/grease, any liquids really. The 100 on all other surfaces. Haven’t had a problem and customer service is top notch. They will answer any questions and steer you in the right direction.
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    Travertine Protective Sealer

    This is what we use..couldn’t be happier. Home
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    SWCG Questions

    Thanks guys, just heard horror stories about limestone degrading with salt pools. Guess that was the PB wanting me to buy the Uv and Ozone systems to make more $.
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    SWCG Questions

    Need some advise on possibly installing a SWCG in a new pool. Our pool is around 15k gallons won’t a in-line tablet clorinator. I have stopped using after reading the form and have been using liquid chlorine. My questions are 1) I have white limestone coping and wanted to know if the salt will...
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    Hello from Texas😊

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    How big is your propane tank

    Our previous pool had a spa, pool, fire pit and outdoor kitchen all on a 500 gallon tank. This was a good size and we filled when it would reach about 25%. We never heated the pool but used the other all the time. One tank would last from a year to year and a half. We also had 400,000 btu...
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    Speaker, Lighting and Design Feedback

    Just had low voltage package from Volt Lighting delivered. Am not disappointed, Best lights I have seen. Also, just picked up 4 Sonos Speaker system. Once again, not disappointed. These are not inexpensive but built to last.
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    My first test with TF100

    Thanks for your responses
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    My first test with TF100

    Bought some regular bleach today and will turn the in-line off. Will follow the chart and try to get a good feeling for it before season. The water is crystal clear.
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    Where to get lighting like this?

    Check out Volt Lighting.
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    My first test with TF100

    Hy guys, just found this forum about a month ago and what a wealth of knowledge! I just wanted to post my first test with my new TF100 test kit and get any recommendations. Thanks for for any feedback. FC = 3 CC = 0 CH = 250 TA = 60 CYA = 40 PH = 7.6 62 degrees and sunny pool water 58 degrees
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    Pentair EasyTouch not rotating valves

    I had the exact same problem you are having. After extensive trial & error, I finally figured out the problem was the pressure switchs on the actuator. They have two for each one. You can order online for a little of nothing and replace yourself. Sorry I don’t have a part number or where I...
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    Hi from the Gold Coast, Australia

    Howdy from Texas
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    Howdy from Central Texas

    Hello all. Just found this forum and what a wealth of information. We are just finishing our second pool and outdoor kitchen area. Hopefully will be finished soon and post final pics. Once again, so glad I found this site and wanted to say hello to everyone.