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    New pool, first test results!

    Hi everyone. Please see my first test results. Let me know what you think. Pool just got turned over to me as construction has been completed. FC- 1.5 pH- 7.5 TA- 50 CH- 175 CYA- 0 ( Filled tube all the way up and could still see dot ) Temp- 81F - - - Updated - - - New build thread, not sure...
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    New Build - Central NJ (8/9 START)

    Hi all, we're finally set with our dig start date of August 9th weather permitting. Wanted to thank everyone that has answered my questions and provided my guidance from the start of this process to now. I will be updating with as many pictures as possible as we progress with install. If you...
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    Proposed Skimmer Location

    Hey all, I have a question. My pool build is supposed to start in August. I have told them to relocate the skimmer to the other side of pool. This way its not in the way. I know its flush mounted. They insist on being the best location and will cost a substantial amount of $ to place on other...
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    Signature Test

    Hi all, New here, testing signature. Will start a build thread as soon as we get closer to breaking ground. Thnx