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    2 Hour Pressure Cooker/Canner Ribs

    Hello all, new to the forum. Here is my rib recipe as a thank you for all of the great info shared. 1. Cut whole rib slabs into easy to handle sections 8" add salt and pepper to taste. 2. Brown lightly on both sides 3. While browning put 2-3" of water in the pressure cooker ( I have a 30 qt...
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    Soon to be new pool owner first time......... Please Help

    Good morning all. Im new to this pool forum and have been reading all that I can for about 15 days. Ive ordered and received the tf100 test kit and will be using the BBB. We purchased a bank repo with a pool in Las Vegas, Gunnite just chipped out and will be plastered in 4 days. 30'x14' 8.5'...