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    Pool Water Evaporation Rates

    This WaterEvaporation spreadsheet will calculate the evaporation rate given air and water temperature, relative humidity, and wind. Note that this is the wind speed at the surface of the water which is usually quite a bit lower than general wind speed due to fences and the water being somewhat...
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    Question about adding. CH to keep it at the high end for SWG

    This post moved to this thread from another by request. (Dont know how it ended up on top like it did). Pogueld is the OP of this thread. ________________________________ Evaporation and refill will only add CH from the fill water. It will not lower the CH. If your CH is getting lowered...
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    Missing Pictures

    For me in either Safari or Chrome, this thread has lots of missing pictures in the posts from Kvoisier. Others on the thread are commenting on the pictures so I'm not sure if the problem is new or intermittent or only for some users.
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    Deleting PM Error

    The errors that come up with Advanced Search have apparently been fixed, but the ones that come up when deleting a PM have not. They are shown below:
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    Forum down again this morning

    TFP was down again earlier today though is up now. Errors were site unavailable (503) and database error as fast messages, not the slow timeout type of message from the earlier website down problems (though the database error message was similar to that seen before).
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    TFP no longer in Quantcast

    It used to be that TFP statistics were reported to Quantcast which was very useful to see total traffic to the site historically. But now, as shown in this link, there are no more stats being recorded. Is that intentional? Is there another way to see/show the stats for the site especially...
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    Pool Water Chemistry links still broken

    There are many posts I have written on this forum that link back to some Deep End threads, most notably Pool Water Chemistry, but many of these links are broken. As I stumble upon some posts with such broken links, I am fixing them, but a global change/substitution would fix them much faster...
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    Economics of Saltwater Chlorine Generators

    The following table shows the economics of saltwater chlorine generators and why they save money IF one uses a larger (often oversized) unit and is in an area where electricity costs are not very high. Pool Size 18,000 Gallons Power Cost $0.10/kWh Name Model Output (lb/24hr) FC/hr...
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    Economics of Saltwater Chlorine Generators

    The following table shows the economics of saltwater chlorine generators and why they save money IF one uses a larger (often oversized) unit and is in an area where electricity costs are not very high. Pool Size 18,000 Gallons Power Cost $0.10/kWh Name Model Output (lb/24hr) FC/hr...
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    Further Reading section in Pool School has all broken links

    The Further Reading section of the Pool School has all broken links coming up with the vBulletin message that "No Thread specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator". The links are not pointing to the specific threads and are only pointing to a name at the highest...
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    Antifreeze and Chlorine

    Current Pool School recommendations for Closing an in ground pool says the following: However, as I note starting with this post, propylene glycol and chlorine may react with each other. This may not only create a huge chlorine demand though one that is seen as slow over an extended period of...
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    TFP forum response very slow

    The forum response is VERY slow. At 9 PM PST it was barely crawling, refreshing pages being VERY slow. It seems a little faster now, but is there a backup being done and if so is there a way to have it not slow down response time so much? [EDIT] Now a few hours later, the responsiveness is...
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    Token Expired

    After the move to the new forum software earlier this year, I have been sometimes getting the following message: Though I'm able to recover by the suggested reload, if this occurs after writing or editing a post then going back from this message usually loses everything that was typed (just...
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    10 turnoffs for potential homebuyers

    Just saw this photo gallery article on Yahoo! Homes where the #6 turnoff for home buyers is an above-ground pool and the #7 turnoff is an in-ground pool. They caveat that in-ground may be OK in areas where such pools are common such as in hot climates, but this article says that one of the main...
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    CYA in Spas and Indoor Pools

    This thread is a response to posts in the thread Trichlor Tablet in Skimmer of Hot Tub and PMs from the now banned user HotTubTips. This user was banned due to an escalation that ventured into what came close to legal threats or warnings. I will address the issues technically in this thread...
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    Ozone Claims

    Since the thread Ozone cleaner brought up the topic of ozonators from a manufacturer, I want to analyze some statements made on this website (note that such statements are fairly common to all ozone manufacturers so this is just an example). Let's look at some of these statements individually...
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    Cyclospora - another stomach bug in water (and food)

    A stomach bug report is currently in the news as shown in the article Stomach Bug Sickens People in 3 More States. This is caused by the protozoan oocyst Cyclospora cayetanensis. More information about it may be found in this technical paper. It is also briefly mentioned in the CDC Effect of...
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    Thread not loading pictures

    The thread First Season using BBB - WOW! is not loading the three photos in the first post except for a small sliver. Forcing a full reload doesn't work. Interestingly, the load bar goes away but the "X" still remains I'm using Safari 6.0.5 on Mac OS 10.8.4.
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    board unavailable and other errors

    Today I'm getting a bunch of board unavailable and server not found errors. I got that the other day (Friday, I think), but it was brief. Is this just due to abnormally high traffic?
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    Health Effects of Chlorine

    I received a PM which I copy below so that this question and my response may be seen by everyone: I suspect that being an indoor pool there is no Cyanuric Acid (CYA) in the water. You should ask to verify that, but if that's the case then the active chlorine level is much too strong and will...
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    Viewing unread doesn't keep track properly

    I noticed that recently clicking on the viewing unread messages for a thread doesn't work quite right. It doesn't always seem to remember the last point that was read. It sometimes selects a post further up so shows ones that have been already read. It doesn't start from the top of the thread...
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    40,000 Members at TFP!

    Seems that sometime yesterday or today membership at TFP has surpassed 40,000 members. Congratulations to Jason, Dave, all the mods, and all the members who made this possible! :party: With over 250,000 unique visitors per month during peak season this year (May, Jun, Jul), TFP is...
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    Question: Does rain increase or decrease pH?

    The pH of rain is generally acidic due to the dissolved carbon dioxide (carbonic acid) from the air as well as from other acidic sources (nitric and sulfuric acids). However, the TA (pH buffering) of rain is fairly low so the effect of rain on pool pH is minimal from the rain itself (unless it...
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    Campbell Environmental Systems

    There is a webpage on about Campbell Environmental Systems that claims to be a copper/silver/UV system that is chlorine-free and yet NSF certified. This is a complete lie. The NSF Standard 50 list of Copper/Silver and Copper Ion Generators does not list their system and...
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    Natural Swimming Pools (NSPs)

    As noted in this article, the first Natural Swimming Pool (NSP) has been approved in the U.S. for public use (such pools were already allowed in the residential market as there are no regulations requiring specific disinfection in residential pools -- only restrictions on registered pesticides...
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    Comparative Algaecide Efficacy

    The 1980 paper Laboratory Comparison of the Effectiveness of Several Algicides on Isolated Swimming Pool Algae by R.P. Adamson and M.R. Sommerfeld came to the following conclusion: It was noted earlier in the paper that "The major component of the active ingredients of Algimycin...
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    Cyanuric Acid Solubility

    I was asked in a PM about Cyanuric Acid solubility, but thought I'd put this into a Deep End thread so others can see the answer. The chemical structure of Cyanuric Acid is seen here, but that is when in water where it can go back and forth in two forms, though in practice the acid form on the...
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    CYA Prevention of Vinyl Liner Wrinkling

    The technical bulletin Formation of Wrinkles in Installed Swimming Pool Liners refers to studies made by FMC and Union Carbide showing that though low pH is more detrimental to vinyl liners than other factors, that CYA can help prevent wrinkles as well. This may be due to the lower active...
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    Over 30,000 members!

    As of May 1st, 2012 there are 30,114 registered members of TFP. Congratulations and thanks to the mods and Jason for providing such a useful site and keeping it running so smoothly ! :cheers:
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    Strange Test Results with High CH

    I did a full pool water chemistry set of tests today and noticed something very unusual. I have a mostly opaque electric safety cover, but I have a pool cover pump where I dump rain water from the cover into the pool which then overflows to a drain so that I can get water dilution over the...