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  1. Pool Clown

    Jandy Aqualink Z4 cleaner booster interlock?

    Page 11 and 19 Solar may not come up in the menu until you connect a solar temp sensor. Yes, you will need an available aux relay for the solar pump motor and label it solar pump (from the menu labels). Note: You should be able to get away with just diverting the water to the panels by way of...
  2. Pool Clown

    Jandy Aqualink Z4 cleaner booster interlock?

    Once you assign the appropriate aux that is wired to the cleaner motor (typically Aux 1) with the "cleaner" label, the lock out(s) will occur. You wont be able to turn on the cleaner manually without the filter on, or when in spa mode. Or while in spillover mode. Page 23...
  3. Pool Clown

    Compool lx3800 dimmer relay rly-dim discontinued and need it!

    Since no one has addressed the 800 pound gorilla in the room, i thought i might have a go... Once you get everything up and running, you may want to throw an am meter on those two circuits to make sure that they are not exceeding the amp rating on the relay. Those relays/dimmers failed from too...
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    Name that Niche

    If the slot lines up, and you can get the screw started, just measure the fixture length to be sure it will fit. If you go looking for a new fixture, all the manufacturers should provide cut sheets (specs) on their fixture dimensions, to confirm it will fit in the niche.
  5. Pool Clown

    pureline led pool light

    Not sure if it is compatible with dimming or color changing features. Manufacturer says to treat it like an incandescent bulb type fixture (simple on and off). A call to the manufacturer would probably answer all your questions about control.
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    Name that Niche

    When you re-plaster, the contractor is supposed to chip out around all the fittings so when they apply the new coat, they can feather right up to the fitting edge without an unsightly or obstructive build up of plaster, which, in the case of a light fixture, may cause the fixture to be "tweaked"...
  7. Pool Clown

    Sta rite 333 not ignite, no service lights on, new ignitor and afs

    You may still have to take the igniter out to confirm that it is glowing, and not just getting hot. Dont forget to turn the gas off first! FENWAL flashes are like the "no kidding... I could have told you that!" comment after it wont fire. Hi limit switches open when the temp exceeds a preset...
  8. Pool Clown

    Raypak 406a Main Ignition Failure Heater keeps cycling

    From viewing the video for the first few seconds, i would say that you are having a ground issue at the pilot assembly. When the heater is off, i wont say cold, but it is cooler than when it is running. When you first start the heater, it is cooler and you have a ground connection good enough...
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    Sta rite 333 not ignite, no service lights on, new ignitor and afs

    Thoroughly check wiring. if you are getting the click of the gas valve, all your safety devices have been satisfied, including pressure switch, so it doesn't appear to be a water flow/pressure issue. Knowing that it is a new igniter, they can still fail. Try to fire the heater once then...
  10. Pool Clown

    Came home to find an empty pool (Updated: Diagnosis and cure at end)

    A lot of rural areas require the installation of a hydrant line from the pool for fire suppression. Did you have one installed? They would typically be a 3" or a 4" line. If that line were to fail, you could drain the pool completely within the 4 days that you were gone. However, If you had...
  11. Pool Clown

    Pentair Intellitouch PANELS

    To clarify, i was referring to part numbers on the board in foil, not a sticker, that denotes a naked board part #. I wouldn't be too worried about having the latest firmware version unless it is real old. most firmware updates fix things that wouldn't impact end users a great deal. (it...
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    Pentair Intellitouch PANELS

    Pentair has a part number for EVERYTHING! What you were sold was a kit or bundle. Two or more Pentair parts that get their own part number, that contains several part numbers within that dont necessarily get listed. If you wanted just the board, it would be a different part number (and not the...
  13. Pool Clown

    Pentair Intellitouch PANELS

    If you want to save a couple of bucks, go ahead and get it. It will only be an inconvenience after a power outage. You will have to wait about 30 seconds for the system to upload all the settings, etc. to the ICP (indoor control panel). To answer your original question, you will not loose...
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    Raypak 406 flame out troubleshooting help?

    Burners look fine, run it!
  15. Pool Clown

    Pentair Intellitouch PANELS

    The only difference is that the service panel loses it's memory when powered down (settings, programming, labels, etc.). This is a very important feature for the service person because you don't want your panel uploading the settings from the previous customers system to another customers...
  16. Pool Clown

    Erratic temp display on a Max-E-Therm SR400NA pool heater

    OPT is not OEM. Place a 10K resistor across the leads and see if you then get a stable temp. If stable, issue would then be temp sensor, or leads.
  17. Pool Clown

    Erratic temp display on a Max-E-Therm SR400NA pool heater

    You can unplug the membrane to check to see if that helps. The heater should function just fine without it plugged in. Remember, it will do only what it was told to do before you unplugged it! Quick question, Was the thermistor that you purchased an OEM part?
  18. Pool Clown

    Help with upgrading Easy Touch to Intellitouch I5+3

    Something to think about... You may want to, at some point, pick up a wired indoor control panel. Even though you don't "need" one right now, You may find useful a hard wired access point in the event (always during a party) you loose your internet connection, and need to control the equipment...
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    Help with upgrading Easy Touch to Intellitouch I5+3

    Only the four button remote will be reusable The indoor control panel is model specific.
  20. Pool Clown

    Help with upgrading Easy Touch to Intellitouch I5+3

    1. Yes, the four button remote is interchangeable. 2 and 3. No, you will need either an Intellitouch Indoor panel, or Screen Logic to gain access to the system. The Intellitouch does not provide programming or control access without one of those two components. It only gives manual control...
  21. Pool Clown

    Jandy LX heater help

    Unfortunately, it is probably the momentary contact switch attached directly to the board which would mean a new board to correct that issue. You may want to try this guy. He used to repair only the Jandy automation boards, but i think he has since expanded a bit to include other types. IMO it...
  22. Pool Clown

    My New Pool Build! (San Antonio Tx)

    I wouldn't accept that location, with or without a post . As far as im concerned, they messed up, not you. If they have to get all new lights (because now the cords are too short), that's on them, and you shouldn't have to pay for their mistake. If they are 12V lights now, and If they agree...
  23. Pool Clown

    Pool plumbing leak

    I Have never used "quick" or any kind of easy fix fittings, including unions. Just because i have trust issues. I just use the 4 90's or 45's method. BTW, I have not experienced any reduced flow due to the 90's that many fear they will get by doing this way. Looks like all the lines had...
  24. Pool Clown

    Raypak Heater

    Raypak does not provide for temperature calibration their heaters.. What kind of thermometer/temp sensor are you using to compare with? And where is it located?
  25. Pool Clown

    Rheem Raypak igniter failure.

    The Rheem (Raypak) heaters have the ignition control integrated onto the main board. That video may be a bit confusing. Make sure the blue wire from the board to the pilot assembly is good (not chewed) and the pilot bracket has a good and tight connection to the frame. You may have a ground...
  26. Pool Clown

    Hydrostatic Drain Plug Removal

    You are wanting to take the plug out because....
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    Heater Troubleshooting Help

    The fact that your heater didn't last as long as your neighbors could be something as seemingly insignificant as location. Like i suggested earlier, perhaps your heater is in a location that shades the snow, and provides a wet location longer than the neighbor. Or your heaters' location gets a...
  28. Pool Clown

    Pentair EasyTouch remote control won't power on

    What i posted earlier had to do with the (wireless) data connection between the E/T and the remote. If it wont come on at all (no display, no back light), Then there is something up with the board, or possibly the connection between the batteries and the board. Or even the connections that...
  29. Pool Clown

    Heater Troubleshooting Help

    +1 on the gas pipe size. I would go as big as your gas line will allow. Bigger is better. Theory is, that while the bigger heater uses more gas (per min, hour, etc.), it wont have to run as long as the smaller size(s) to achieve set point. (Theory care of Raypak, inc.)
  30. Pool Clown

    Heater Troubleshooting Help

    Holy Cow Your refractory is broken. I wouldn't run that heater anymore. The refractory keeps the burner tray form becoming a camp fire (keeps it in one confined narrow area). those cracks can allow the fire and/or heat to escape to areas not equipped to handle that.