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    New hot tub/spa supply form existing pool elecrrtic wiring

    Hi, I've been offered a used hot tub in excellent condition. I plan to have have it moved professionally into a location about 50 ft from my existing pool pad. Can I put some kind of junction box in from of my existing pool electric box to branch off electric wiring for the new hot tub...
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    Hayward S310S - Vari-Flow Valve Replacement Handle

    Hi, Does anyone know if it is possible to purchase the handle only for a side-mount vari-flo valve on a Hayward S310S sand filter. Mine has cracked and is about to fully break. I can only find the entire valve available assembly online. Thanks, ft.
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    Older Goldline AquaRite - Board Compatibility

    I have an older Goldline Aquarite system. The main board has fried (see pic below), quite possibly due to my sub-prime soldering skills; I replaced the in-rush limiter a few times. In case anyone is wondering the symptoms were, Check Salt and Inspect Cell were solid. The board is labeled...
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    Goldline Aquarite - Check Salt & Inspect Cell Solid, Zero Salt - NOT Cell

    Hi, I know there are a lot of Aquarite threads like this but I could not find one with the exact same symptoms. It may be a coincidence but I had a new pump installed a month ago which increased PSI from 12 to 25. GEAR This is a Goldline Aquarite board with software r1.33. Problem is the...
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    A close shave! Pump shaft cap?

    Hi, The past month or so my main breaker back in the basement has been tripping when the pumps are running. Not every time, maybe just once a week. There was also a strange whining sound from the booster pump. Today I gave it one last look over before calling the pool company/electrician...
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    Things I learned from TFP site...

    I learned some great stuff from the TFP site and it has made a world of difference to my pool. Please add to the list: 1. A test kit is very important. 2. Using a test kit I can balance my pool and get sparkly water using (mostly) grocery store products instead of expensive pool store...
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    Pentair Intellibrite 5g Color Lights - Wide v Narrow

    Hi, These lights have 'Wide' or 'Narrow/long' mode. The lens needs to be rotated 180 degrees to make the switch. They ship with 'Wide' as the default. I installed one wth default, Wide, a couple weeks ago. I like the light but am considering changing to 'Narrow' to bring some extra light to...
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    Hi, Are there any guidelines on bumping posts that have not been responded to? I searched but could not find any. Just wanted to double-check before bumping my post. Thanks, ft.
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    Split by moderator from HERE, for derailing the other thread. jblizzle ... and viruses on Apple computers. You can spend a lot of money on anti-virus software but none exist an the Mac platform today (maybe tomorrow!). ft.
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    Add a low voltage transformer to existing pool junction box?

    Hi, I have one of these junction boxes for my pool light: And one of these low-voltage transformers for landscape lights: One of the conduit ports on my junction box is unused and blocked off. Can I cut the plug off the transformer to wire it into my pool junction box (via the unused...
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    Jandy Lite2 Heater - Increase temp button broken

    Hi, On my Jandy Lite2 control panel the 'increase temp' button does not work. I can reduce the temp, but not increase it, and all the other buttons seem to work. Right now the set temp is 74 and I can't make it go higher. I did just find that the manual states that all settings can be reset...
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    Missed including Username

    Hi, I just donated but did not include my username. Sorry for the hassle. ft.
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    Post-First SLAM - First numbers posted

    Hi All, Thanks so much for all the info here. In addition to a bunch of pool-related 'wins', you have boosted our confidence to use common household products instead of the expensive pool items. Will be signing up as supporters for sure! Following draining of the pool by 2ft for lamp...
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    Replacing a pressure gauge - Tape or Paste?

    I have to replace a couple pressure gauges. A reliable source said only to use paste, never tape on gauges. Paste means yet another trip to Lowes, so I came here for second opinion. Many thanks, ft.
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    Paramount PCC2000 - Tip - Gasket Stretched on Opening Dome/Valve

    Hi, If you need to remove the top dome from a PCC2000 system to access the valve, you MAY want to ensure you have a replacement gasket on hand. A gasket costs about 12 bucks. I just opened mine for the first time in a year or 2 and found the gasket had somehow stretched by at least an inch. It...
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    Cheap, Temparary Vac for IG pool

    Hi, My in-floor cleaning system is resting while I wait another week or so for some parts to come in the mail. I do have some debris in the deep end (mostly introduced by my spaniels), plus some pollen residue. It's not a lot but I'd like to vac it up rather than wait for the parts for the...
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    Cable from panel to light junction box

    Hi, What type of cable should be run from the GFCI breaker at the pad-panel to the light junction box? The conduit is non-metalic and the path is above ground. The distance is about 10 feet. Thanks, ft.
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    Warm Climate - Pool Pad Housing / Weather Protection Pics

    Do you live in a warm climate? Is your pool pad and equipment protected from the elements? If so please post a pic. My pad is away from the house and exposed to high temps and full sunlight for much of the year. I'd like to build something to protect it and would love to see what y'all have...
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    Replacing cracked eyeball return

    Hi, Pool was built around 2005. I have an eyeball return on moulded step/seat in the deep end. The return is pretty shallow (maybe 12 inches under surface) so I guess it has seen a lot of sun. The eyeball part has popped off and the bezel is cracked. There is also a receiver part that is...
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    Gray or white conduit to light wet niche

    Hi, Does it matter whether gray (electrical) PVC conduit or white PVC conduit is used from a junction box to a wet niche? Also can gray and white be solvent-welded together? Both are schedule 40, but I bought gray thinking it was for electrical, but forgetting the conduit can fill with water...
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    LFNC v PVC - Liquidtight Conduit for from junction box to lamp

    Hi, I'm re-locating a junction box which runs to a lamp in a wet niche. I'll be splicing into the existing conduit from the lamp. The run form the jbox to the niche will be about 50 feet. I considering 3/4 liquid tight flexible non-metalic conduit (LFNC-B, not LFNC) buried at 18 inches...
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    Putty in existing lamp niche

    Hi, I have a pool that was built around 2005. It has a Pentair wet niche for the lamp. I bought the house in 2006, so I am the second owner; the previous owner had the pool for a year. I want to relamp with an LED but when I started to research the steps required I realized there is a cone of...
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    Relamping - use long light cable instead of junction box

    Hi, I would like to upgrade to a Pentair LED 120V light in a Pentair wet niche in a pool which was installed around 2005. There is a gray plastic junction box from/to the light. It rises from my lawn about 4 feet behind the light, just off my concrete deck. I keep hitting the junction box...