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  1. Limey

    Water evap and bucket test?

    I've found the bucket test not to be so accurate , am I correct in thinking that the surface area of the pool and the depth of the water in the bucket would less evap from the bucket? In any case, I'm central Florida and there has been no rain for a while. My in ground pool has lost 2 inches of...
  2. Limey

    Intermatic pool timer issues.

    My pool timer won't turn on but will turn off. I checked the ON tripper and reseated it still no luck. Anything else to look for? The clock timer does rotate. Thanks.
  3. Limey

    Main drain cover half off

    The main drain cover is in the deepest center part of my in ground pool. The cover is held in place with two philips screws. I remember I couldn't fully tighten one of the screws when they emptied to clean my pool around half a year ago after deck was remodeled. Any options for securing the...
  4. Limey

    Bucket test after 6 days.

    I did a bucket test on my in ground pool with the pump off for 6 days. The pool showed just under 1" off loss and the bucket just under 0.5" off loss. So approximately half and inch difference. Could the bucket due to smaller surface area show maybe less evaporation? Location is central Florida...
  5. Limey

    Dunlop rubber hose marks coping

    Any tips to remove black rubber hose marks around the pool coping area? Many thanks.
  6. Limey

    Read a few old posts about cya.

    Let me know if I'm doing this the right way. Dual skimmers both have socks wrapped around the skimmer baskets. Poured some granular stabilizer in each skimmer sock basket and put my sand filter to recirculate so that the granular stabilizer can disolve.
  7. Limey

    Am I being to fussy?

    Last week we had our concrete pool deck fitted with flagstone pavers. We opted for the slate look 3 piece random Heritage pavers. My concerns are some pavers are either slightly too high and some too low. Pics attached . I already had the installer reset a few pavers .
  8. Limey

    Waterfall rocks feature removed.

    We're currently getting our pool area remodelled. We decided to also remove a rockery waterfall that we had, however we asked the contractor to keep the PVC pipe in place for perhaps future water furniture . Does anyone have recommendations for I can use the now defunct water pipe for? Ideas...
  9. Limey

    Porcelain tile pool coping

    Hi. Has anyone used non slip porcelain tiles for pool coping and the surrounding pool area?. If so what is the edge profile of the coping you have used and where did you get this done. All the copings I see thus far around about 1" thick or greater, need something about the same thickness of...
  10. Limey

    Screeching at start up

    Just wanted to confirm, is it time to replace my 8 year old pool pump? Makes a screeching type noises on start up.also seems a little weaker than before.
  11. Limey

    Pool decking ideas for Florida.

    Need some ideas other than thin pavers for the pool and lanai area of my pool deck. Currently total area is 1750sqft and Sundek painted over concrete. Looks like knock down finish. Anything other than travertine perhaps ? Looking at primarily tile type options., Looking at tiles than can resist...
  12. Limey

    dedicated vac line introducing air into system?

    Hi, Quick question, my concrete pool has two jandy valves by the sand filter, one controls the water fall and the other controls the amount of suction for the skimmers and dedicated pool vac line. Issue I have is that if I turn the jandy valve completely to dedicated vac suction line "power" (...
  13. Limey

    Time to replace or repair?

    I'm relatively new to pool ownership after having inherited a pool that came with my home purchase over 5 years ago. Recently my starite T240bp sand pool filter started acting abnormally, this occurred when I was using the in ground pool dedicated suction line to manually vacuum debris from...
  14. Limey

    Wierdest thing occured today.

    I was gently laying some mulch near my pool pump. After I finished, I started to hear gurgling noises, I then looked at the pump basket and their were bubbles in it together with the water in basket going down. ( Pump was off by the way ). I could also hear some noises coming out of the drain...
  15. Limey

    I think I broke my Great White vacuum

    I recently changed the rubber gasket, and now the creepy crawly stays only on one side of the pool. The only thing that I could have done was that I didnt put the CAM in the correct way, it has three long prongs and I was unsure if it has any particular orientation. Does the CAM on the Great...
  16. Limey

    Big bubbles coming out of return jets

    Issue started recently. Whenever my pool pump is activated fairly large bubbles gurgle out of the 3 return jets for a few seconds. The pool pump strainer basket is full of water and looks primed when pump is off. I've also noticed less circulation power than before. In particularly with the pool...
  17. Limey

    Jandy valve makes a knocking noise

    If I quickly turn my jandy valve from dedicated pool side vac to skimmer operation I can hear what sound like a ball **** knocking noise in the pipes. Is this normal or is a golf ball or something stuck in there? Thanks. Sent from my SM-N910T using Tapatalk
  18. Limey

    Question about weir flaps.

    I have two skimmers in my gunite pool. I noticed the more powerful side near the pump has a heavier weir flap which I broke the notch of. I removed the weir flap from the weaker side as it hardly has any suction and put it on the stronger side near pump. Issue is now the water flow appears to...
  19. Limey

    Bubbles in basket when Great White vacuum is being used.

    Whether I use the vac port or the skimmer port with my floor cleaner I always seem to have air being introduced into the pump basket. I tried my best to purge the air out of the hose but still no luck. In anycase shouldnt the air eventually purge out of the hose by itself? Eitherway, it doesnt...
  20. Limey

    one pool jets sucks water

    I am little bit confused. My IG pool has 5 return jets 4 blow out water but one sucks in water when I turn the valve to the main drain or partially to MD from the dual Skimmers. If I fully turn the valve to MD then it almost sucks my hand in, luckily the hole is small and it just sucked the...
  21. Limey

    Pool newbie question with images

    Hi Everyone :-D Myself and the wife recently bought our new ( to us ) home and it came with a pool. We have thus far understood the basics of maintaining the chemical balances, every week we get the water checked out and it comes out fine so far. My newbie question is that I do not quite...