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  1. applgrl

    Need a new sand filter....after 40+ years

    After many, many, summers of faithful service, our Jacuzzi Dial Valve Sand Filter has packed it in with a large crack on the bottom of the fibreglass tank. (Pressure of the first vacuuming was just too much for the Old Girl.:(. ) We live in a small-ish community, there are roughly 3 serious...
  2. applgrl

    Need advice RE buying in-ground stairs for an older pool

    Considering purchasing a ready-made set of stairs for our pool so that the grandparents, dog, and little visitors have an easier time getting out. Wondering if anyone has experience with them, good or bad. In particular, the sets I'm looking at state the height to be 36", and I measure 50"...
  3. applgrl

    Cheers from British Columbia

    A lurker no more! Wanted a pool very badly when I was a little kid and, well, the universe has a sense of humour. "Married into" our pool in 1986: my MIL was only too happy to turn over the reins of pool chemistry to me. First thing I did was buy baking soda at the bulk food store and use...