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  1. CavVet

    Polaris 280 and booster pump about to fail. Time for a robot?

    Thank you! your opinions mean a great deal!
  2. CavVet

    Polaris 280 and booster pump about to fail. Time for a robot?

    Thanks for the replies folks.
  3. CavVet

    Polaris 280 and booster pump about to fail. Time for a robot?

    Good afternoon all, My booster pump is on its last legs, it is roughly 9 years old and i believe it is getting water behind the impeller. It sounds very rough and has white scaling coming from the impeller housing. My Polaris 280 has also been rebuilt several times in the last 9 years and is...
  4. CavVet

    PH test results in consistency

    Could this be the result of friction/static causing inconsistent drops/issues with the first tests? I know i've had issues with this regarding past TA testing.
  5. CavVet

    Water softener installation!!

    sorry for the late question, but i'm curious...what was your TA, pH, and CSI levels when your CH was that high? i'm trying to decide when it's time to refill my pool, but i'm only at 700 CH now.
  6. CavVet

    How to deal with CH when fill water has high CH

    Without knowing your plumbing set up, it might be the best long term solution to install a water softener in the supply line that fills the pool. or, install as softener in a nearby building and manually fill the water as needed.
  7. CavVet

    Waterfall feature and WF-28/011774 pump/motor downsizing

    Got it figured out! On the supply side(picture above), the left pipe feeds the waterfall, the two pipes on the right (with valves) go to the two tanning areas. I opened the main valve up top and did as you both suggested and (slightly) closed the tanning area valves...doing so made it TONS...
  8. CavVet

    Waterfall feature and WF-28/011774 pump/motor downsizing

    I see. So, in practice, if i were to fully shut that upper valve, i'd be bypassing the two lower right valves and going down that single line. the two valves to the right control the flow to the waterfall and secondly to the tanning pads. i do not recall where that bypass line goes to. perhaps...
  9. CavVet

    Waterfall feature and WF-28/011774 pump/motor downsizing

    Getting to know my pool a bit more, i decided to tackle another small issue. when we are running our waterfall feature, the pump/motor is very loud. Up until recently, we just accepted it. I decided to examine the plumbing a bit more, and found a valve that was more than half way in the closed...
  10. CavVet

    Help Finding the FC Eating Monster

    I've learned that after heavy rain events (which are few and far between around here) i need to: 1. Add a dose of liquid chlorine/bleach 2. check CYA a day or so after rain (follow instructions of sunny day, with sun at your back...etc.) 3. Lastly, it is possible that the rain diluted my...
  11. CavVet

    When is CSI too high? When is it time to refill???

    I really wish there was a definitive CSI value that creates scaling. I know to keep it under the stated .3 CSI, but it would be nice to know if scaling starts at .3 or does it truly start earlier.... possibly .2? .1? Or could it be higher at .4 or greater? I’m mainly referring to the scaling on...
  12. CavVet

    When is CSI too high? When is it time to refill???

    Good morning! This part of Tx is in a very long drought. My CH is now at 625 (we did have an inch of rain, and had a slight improvement). I am curious if lowering my TA to 50 (or lower) is detrimental in some way? This, in order to keep the CSI in a reasonable range. How do folks manage CSI...
  13. CavVet

    Please help

    Welcome DD88! Good to see another Texan aboard. These are good folks on here and will do a great job taking care of your questions. As Marty noted earlier, a SWG is the way to Odessa, your pool will lose quite a bit of chlorine each day in your sun exposure, especially if there is no...
  14. CavVet

    Pump/motor and I’ve about had it...

    I took everything off the motor and still made the noise. My next move is to take it to a local motor shop for them to examine it. Might be something in the windings.
  15. CavVet

    Pump/motor and I’ve about had it...

    Thanks for the input. the motor is only 4 months old...although i know that bearings can go out at any time. my next step is to take it off the pump and run it without the impeller to see if that provides any changes.
  16. CavVet

    Pump/motor and I’ve about had it...

    Long story short: my motor/pump stopped turning. After taking it apart, I found that the seal plate bolts had rotted, allowing the plate to bind the impeller. I installed a new seal plate and re-attached the motor and subsequent wiring. Matter filling basket with water, I turned it on and it...
  17. CavVet

    Pool Pump/Motor out for several days...add chlorine and stir?

    After a bid of diagnosing, i have ordered a few parts (pump seal plate), but it won't be in for several days. What a the last few months, i've had to purchase a new pump motor, new this...and my polaris 280 is on its last legs...arg! until i get my pump and subsequent SWG...
  18. CavVet

    4 month old B2984 humming

    i took the capacitor to work to get it tested, but took the motor/impeller assembly out of the housing to check it out. the impeller does not move very easy and it seems to be rubbing against the housing. Of course the screw holding the impeller is stiff as a board, so i'm gonna have to get...
  19. CavVet

    4 month old B2984 humming

    I purchased a B2984 two speed in early April and tonight it would just hum then a click sound and hum stopped. I’m thinking capacitor, but is it normal for these to only last 4 months? It is in sun until noon, then shaded. I currently run it from 11-7. Before tonight, it ran normally.
  20. CavVet

    Calcium scale and negative CSI in fiberglass pools

    i'm only chiming in to say EXCELLENT looking water Pat. Well done!
  21. CavVet

    2gal of 10% bleach/day...Does this seem like too much?

    I can attest to this as well. I've had to add CYA again this last week because I've lost 10-20ppm since June 1.
  22. CavVet

    When is CSI too high? When is it time to refill???

    OK you chemistry experts... FC: 7.5 pH: 7.7 TA: 70 CH: 600 CYA: 50 (slowly going to 70) water temp: 84 CSI: 0.12 City Water: TA: 130-150 (depending on lake levels) CH: 150-180 I understand that TFP promotes a slightly negative CSI with a SWG. I also understand that with a SWG, pH tends to...
  23. CavVet

    Walmart "Pool Essentials 10% Chlorinating Liquid" - Anyone else not able to find it?

    Re: Walmart "Pool Essentials 10% Chlorinating Liquid" - Anyone else not able to find Walmart is completely out here in Central Tx. and will not restock. I leave my pool 'open' all year, but use bleach in the winter time when the SWG cannot function due to cold temps. Luckily, Home Depot still...
  24. CavVet

    TA 30ppm too low for pebble pool?

    You want to use to calculate your CSI. I'm not familiar with pebble, however, if your CSI is too aggressive with a low TA and pH, you may cause etching. My fill water has a TA of 120, so i'm constantly battling high TA....if you're fill water is the same, it may creep back up on its own...but...
  25. CavVet

    What did you do to your pool today?

    My son and I spent 2-3 hours over the weekend using a pumice stone on our water line calcium deposits. Prior to finding TFP, i had no idea what a CSI, we are right on target. Next on the list...battle wasps. Those darn things are driving me bonkers.
  26. CavVet

    Central AC Advice

    When it comes to options....there is no shortage. I work in the Facilities Management industry and can tell you that, along with the quality of the air handler/condensor...the quality of the installer is of equal importance. In fact, there are only a handful of companies that make the...
  27. CavVet

    Newbie. Begging for help with algae

    One of the things TFP recommends, is to take a picture of the pool (preferably the steps, to give a depth perspective) from the same spot and during the same time of day (if possible). As you progress, it is much easier to see the evidence of the change throughout time in picture we...
  28. CavVet

    First Time Seeing This Strange Thing In My Pool

    Oddly enough (and because i just dealt with them decimating my it looks strangely like the excrement of the horned caterpillar. Caterpillar – Droppings Under Tree | Walter Reeves: The Georgia Gardener
  29. CavVet

    Dogs in SW pool

    We have a chocolate lab and have had our pool/dog for 4 years. It is also salt water. At first, i tried to keep her from drinking the water...but that was fruitless, because she can drink when we aren't around. It's been four years and there have been no health issues. She too, cannot stand it...