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  1. TeamNelson

    Pentair SWG IC-60 Reads zero salt but FC says otherwise... thermistor p/n? or ideas?

    My Pentair IC-60 SWG shows zero salt ppm. Taylor test says 3400 lower then I want now & FC is 7 currently higher then needed but with a cover and not home it got up on me. My unit seems to be out of warranty August 2018 - Pentair online warranty says if online purchased unit is 60days, which we...
  2. TeamNelson

    Filling the crack - what to use silicone or?

    My crack: expansion joint between the pool deck and the coping ( the stone immediately surrounding the pool) This is the area needed to fill this crack above my tile below the coping...? After putting in a filler to bring the expansion joint within 1/2" several other posts use polyurethane...
  3. TeamNelson

    IC60 Installed & Pool Service Tech under warranty replaced with a IC40 Pentair???

    My Pentair IC60 was sold to me in 2014 & has 3 mos warranty left on it. I was told by the Pool company to get the bigger unit was not overkill but longer lasting vs. IC40. The same Pool company that installed it came out to warranty service call it today while we were not home. They did NOT...
  4. TeamNelson

    CYA %99-100?; on the market did Clorox take over? What to look for or stay away from?

    The normal stabilizer CYA brand I've bought Kem-Tek looks like it got a shove off the shelf from Clorox products at my home store... So now they advertise for pools & spa's (Clorox Pool&Spa 4-lb Stabilizer Pool Balancer) OR another jug for use with SWG... (Clorox Pool and Spa My Salt Pool...
  5. TeamNelson

    High speed when adding borates?

    Can I run my pump on low speed for the startup adding borates process? or should I run it on high for 24-48hrs...?
  6. TeamNelson

    Cartridge Filter "DEEP" Cleaning???

    Besides water & hose is there any "deep cleaning" solutions I can make to clean my filters? OR? Ideas: We noticed an oily film over the top of our pool water when we opened the auto cover -cannot pinpoint what it's about or from. The water doesn't feel oily when touched by hand. The mechanics...
  7. TeamNelson

    Pentair SWG IC40 PB & Install or DIY??? Before I get cement shoes for PB!!

    Not wanting to void my PB warranties on multiple pieces of equipment is why I had the PB come out & quote me today installed IC40 is $2600...PLUS salt cost The bottom line - can I DIY install??? I'm not a plumber but I'm pretty handy & very mechanically inclined. I called Pentair prior to PB...
  8. TeamNelson

    Slam 48 hours in - What am I doing wrong?

    I originally started a Thread in Test Kits/ LaMotte & started a new thread here... this is SLAM TIME! (I know you only lose algae around here - but I hope this thread here is correct) I will learn grasshopper - keep teaching please & tell me to stay here or go back? PreSlam test on 7/11 3pm FCL...
  9. TeamNelson

    Test Kits LaMotte Color Q Pro-7

    I got this test kit for my inability to see differences between colors as well as I'd like... I also like the digital readings - hoping they help me be more accurate. I have on order a TFT for Fas-DPD to see if I have an overnight chlorine loss. My Kit above measures two digits in (100th's...
  10. TeamNelson

    CSI at -0.1 Pebble Tec is this too low? My LaMotte Tester & Spa issue chemistry?

    The Pool Calculator selector for Type of Pool "Plaster" ? is this my type for PebbleTec? My CSI says I'm -0.1 is this too low - what should I do? My Test results: FCL 1.28 TCL 3.56 PH 7.5 ALK 154 CH 220 CYA 30 Currently attached to pool store products & want to quit! (but want to do the right...