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    Green Pool But No CC reading

    We're talking a salt water... My neighbour went away. His pool is green green green.....I'm getting 1.5 PPM FC but 0 CC. How is that possible, there is clearly something growing. Should i measure the CYA and proceed with the usual SLAM? I'm not familiar with Salt Water either.
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    Pool Opening Numbers

    It's been a long cold 6 months of winter....pool is finally open, the water temp is only 46, but it's open!! I seemed to hold a decent amount of FC (6ppm) since November, I was pleased to see that. After all that time, the water is sparkling clear!!. Any next steps to keep the water great all...
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    Blowing lines out

    This is my first time closing the pool (pool is 2 years old). I plan on bring the water below the returns. I'm pretty sure the floor drain is a hydro static valve, but i'll double check with the builder. Can someone help me with instructions on how to blow out the lines, which ones, the...
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    Dull / Cloudy water for 5 weeks

    We've had very heavy rain off and on since May, every 3 days or so. The pool is directly under many large Maple trees, Oak trees, and other Coniferous trees. Also had a heavy pollen season which has seemed to just end. Any rain drives debris, pollen ect through our trees into the pool. The...
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    CYA testing method - 2 very different results

    It's a bright sunny day today, no clouds. Standing back to the sun, holding the sample at belt level, but it's in my shadow. CYA reads 80. if I move the sample to my side slightly, out of my shadow, I get a reading between 50-60. Should I take the reading in full sun light?
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    Filter too small - low flow on heater??

    My heater (hayward H series - GAS) will log a low flow error on anything under 92% pump run speed. This seems very high to me, was hoping to have the heater kit on at more like 60%. Is my filter too small and limiting flow to the heater? I can deal with it, if this is the situation, just wish...
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    Help with these parts...1st time opening

    I'm good with some of the parts....Some I have no idea!! good good good heater plug?? lower plug on side of pump lower plug on side of pump same plug as 5 and 6....but I can't find where it goes?? no idea where these came from?? rubber stoppers - no idea where these came from??
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    New Pool - New Taylor Test Kit!!

    My pool was bulit/opened in July - been flying blind since today. Just received my Taylor 2006 kit today, so excited for it, better late than never!! Pool looks great, nice and clear. We probably have about 3 more weeks in the season before it is closed, so i don't expect much tweaking, but...
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    Cloudy pool in deep end

    I can see the bottom, but it's still pretty cloudy, deep end only. TC 9.8 FC 9.8 PH 7.4 TA 39 - THIS IS COMING UP NOW. CH - 108 CYA - 80 Lots of trees and pollen in the air. Very heavy rain in the last 2 weeks. Had 2 trees cut down, some sawdust and debris was in the pool. When I...
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    Fresh fill - not registering chlorine

    I have a new pool... Been filled for 10 days. It's been 95F ++ humid and sunny for weeks, all sun, no rain. I have not had the pool covered either. I have no test results other than a strip test... I have ordered a proper rest kit though. Water is crystal clear and have had a robot...
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    New Pool Build - Just filled it, what next

    My new pool has been running for about 1 week. Chlorine seems a little low, but dialled up the chlorinator a little bit yesterday. All other levels seem ok. The pool guy told me to dump in a bag of non-chlorine shock once the pool filled, so I did. Do I need to be aware of anything else...