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  1. jcowart

    Green pool, SWG broken - advise on how to maintain pool until SWG is fixed.

    Bleach is just a trade name. It is sodium hypochlorite. Just like picking up a box of store brand acetaminophen and not Tylenol. They have both the same active ingredients. The difference is price.
  2. jcowart

    I found this at Walmart...

    It's a fair price. That is what i use. Just check the date. My walmart has a fast turn over. The date is the black stamp where the neck of the bottle starts. Should be like 16 210 Plant number line number. First is the year. Second number is day of year.
  3. jcowart

    From Baquacil to Chlorine to Green, Oh My!

    All I can say is welcome and I enjoyed your story that got you here. Now that your here, you are well on your way of taking ownership of your pool. Every pool has it's own personality. You said you enjoyed the topics in pool school. We only ask one thing for you to fully take control of your...
  4. jcowart

    New to Site

    Welcome to the site. You will learn a lot about your pool based on proven science and not pool store chemical sales. Read up and ask questions. That's what this forum is for. With a good test kit you will learn what your pool needs at that time and only add whats needed. It's starts with a good...
  5. jcowart

    Chlorine drop test question

    Yes it will turn pink if you just let it sit. When your doing the fc test. Count the drops till clear. Add 5 drops of r-0003. If you get pink again. Count till clear. If you dont get pink the test is over. The first is FC, the second test is CC.
  6. jcowart

    New to the site

    Welcome. It's a piece of cake learning your pools personality. With the proper test kit you will learn and only have to add what yoir pool needs. Plus with yoir job you have an understanding of active ingredients. The pool store will sell you a 4lb tub of TA up for $16. You can get baking soda...
  7. jcowart

    New sign for the pool

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  8. jcowart

    Getting TA Down

    Just a few questions first. How bad is your pH swings? I ask because 110 is really not that higg. TA is one that you should not focus on. There are always exceptions but for the most part TA will live where you get a stable pH. How new is the finish. Plaster will cause a rise from curing for up...
  9. jcowart

    Need help with pH-still learning

    First lowes should have it. If they dont have it in the pool section it will be in the paint department. MA is safe if treated with respect. Just dont get any on you. It does fume so try to stau upwind. Might be good to have eyes protected but you dont need a hazmat suit. Your cya or stabalizer...
  10. jcowart

    PH perplexed!!

    Well you should see a slight rise with a SWCG but I would not think that much. How new is the pool? I helped a friend find his pH rise. He had a crack in his pump basket lid. It did not leak water but when the pump was on it sucked air in. His pump basket was all bubbles.
  11. jcowart

    Dumping used DE?

    I used to dump it to the lawn. Then I noticed when I mow I would get a cloud of DE. What I did was buy a few yards of sheer fabric and my wife made what looks like a big pillow case. I use that to capture the DE and it can be discarded. I tried a regular pillow case first but could not get a...
  12. jcowart

    Going back to tabs!!!

    Will this rain ever stop in Texas. I'm going back to tabs. Having the pool over flow every day for the last week, my CYA will never rise with tablets.
  13. jcowart

    Question on Stenner system placement

    I am from the school of thought if it's made by man it can and will break at some time. Say you buried your conduit and its 40' long with several bends. If you have room pull two. If and when you have a problem just switch to the other tube. No room for two pull the tube with a nylon pull sting...
  14. jcowart

    Is this TA level too high

    My two cents added to the other post that are spot on. Don't get carried away with a TA number. With a vinyl liner you will not be having the same issues with say someone with a fresh plaster pool. Check and adjust your pH and not worry about TA. Once your pH is stable your TA will be in it's...
  15. jcowart

    Question on Stenner system placement

    It would not be the pump that would fail. The pump sees no liquid. What would fail would be the tube between the rollers that really should be changed out yearly anyway. You may have an issue but your millage may vary. What Lockwell was getting at is once the pump turns off normally you would...
  16. jcowart

    Question on Stenner system placement

    I don't know what the head pressure would be but with the small tubing I would not think it would be much. I would just make sure you have a quality check valve at your injection site above the stenner. If the tubing failed you don't want to siphon your pool into your basement. Who are you...
  17. jcowart

    New pool build - Lumberton, Tx

    Hey look another Texas build. Congratulations and welcome to TFP. The layout looks good. Who is your PB and what equipment did they spec? Most around here love to sell tab feeders and ozone. I take it the contract is already signed but if they sold you on low chlorine ozone I would not have it...
  18. jcowart

    I'm the Pool Guy Now - Looking for Liq CL in the West Hou Area

    Just make sure that it is not splashless. That is the common thing that happens and the suds will go away. Bleach is a trade name so it can be anywhere from 1% or less prediluted cleaning supply up to the now standard 8.25% laundry bleach. Sodium Hypo the active ingredient can be found up to...
  19. jcowart

    New sign for the deck

    My brother in law found this and thought of me. Sent from my VS870 4G using Tapatalk
  20. jcowart

    Good eats at the pool party

    Snacks, yes. Too much work for me. I would rather crawfish but this year we have rice planted instead. Sent from my VS870 4G using Tapatalk
  21. jcowart

    Good eats at the pool party

    A few days running traps, just shy of 11 dozen blue crabs. My daughter does not like to be bothered when she is working. Sent from my VS870 4G using Tapatalk
  22. jcowart

    I'm Sooooooooo Good That................

    I can test that just by looking at my pool. When I took a sample to the pool store because of high levels of DMHO they wanted sell me all kinda stuff. I just drained a little water and the levels came down. Sent from my VS870 4G using Tapatalk
  23. jcowart

    where woud I be able to find manuals on proline pool pumps?

    Proline is basically a house brand name. Several companies use the same wet end. Waterway is one of them. Doughboy is bad about that. If something breaks the customer has a hard time getting information and ends up getting a DB branded part. Why do you need the manual. Not much too them and the...
  24. jcowart

    Time, energy and money wasted

    Just out of curiosity, what did he say? Sent from my VS870 4G using Tapatalk
  25. jcowart

    Time, energy and money wasted

    Just one thing I hit on earlier. The TF-100 is made from bulk Taylor regents in the best quantity. You will only get a few CYA test before you run out of supplies. You will also quickly run out of the fas/dpd test so like what was said. The TF-100 is the best bang for the buck. Sent from my...
  26. jcowart

    Time, energy and money wasted

    This site will teach you to look of the chemical name, not the trade name. You walk into a pool store and buy a 4lb tub of TA Increaser for $16 when you can goto the grocery store in the baking isle and pickup 4 one pound boxes of baking soda for 49 cents each. They are the same chemical.
  27. jcowart

    Time, energy and money wasted

    Bleach is just a trade name for a certain percentage of sodium hypochlorite. Once any form of chlorine is added to the pool it becomes just that.... chlorine. This site teaches how to accurately test and only add chemicals that are needed. Liquid chlorine 10%-12.5% or household bleach 8.25% or...
  28. jcowart

    Emergency help !

    I kept my pool open after hurricane Rita for over a week. I would slowly add bleach and jump in to mix it around. Lost the battle after three weeks without power and no filtering. A pump change should not take anywhere near that long so if you stay on top of it you will be good. Sent from my...
  29. jcowart

    I put cyanuric acid in pool area not skimmer

    The best way is just how you did it. I just ran into the same thing. I have always found HTH cya from Wal-Mart dissolved faster than others. I just added 24 oz in a sock and it was gone the next day. It will still take awhile to show up on a test. The cloud should clear. Sent from my VS870 4G...
  30. jcowart

    Do the pool experts here ever swim in a public/hotel/resort pool/spa

    This should be a fun topic to watch. It does come up every once and a while. I can say that I only do if my kids feel they want to swim. My son is the worst now. I don't know if that's a good or bad thing. His saying is "I can't see the hairs on my big toe like at home." A few I would not let an...