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    Crack in Skimmer Mouth

    Found a crack running from my coping down through the front of my skimmer to the pebbletec. Does not appear to go down below the skimmer mouth. See attached pics. Have had a gut feeling about adding more water than normal, recently. Going to to try a bucket test in the next day or so...
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    Plaster Issues

    My pool was built spring of 2016. I posted a new entry in my build thread a few days ago. I guess because it was a long thread and relatively old, I didn't get any responses. Figured I would post it here to get a bump. Here is the link to the original post. Looking for some...
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    New Pool - SE Pennsylvania

    Been lurking here awhile (2-3 years). The wife and I have been looking into a pool for the past 4 years. Quoted a few companies back then and our budget just was not there. Now we have the means, and quoted out 4 companies. Two of the big national names and two local "higher" end...