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    Feedback on LED pool lights ?

    Im looking at LED pool lighting. I see the LEDs have been problematic ... Im wondering if anyone has had any experience or feedback on the Pentair Amerilite 16 Color light ?
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    Pentair EasyTouch Transceiver Issue

    After a recent power outage, I noticed my Easytouch remote said "No Comm". Ive researched and tried all of the methods recommended for reestablishing connection between the the remote and the main unit. After everything failed I called Pentair. The tech walked me thru troubleshooting the...
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    Problem controlling gas heater from easytouch system

    Hello. I've searched for this issue, but unable to find information per my issue. I have an easytouch system controlling my pool and spa. It has worked relatively well since I had it installed, except for a few actuator issues. The easytouch allows me to use the wireless remote to turn on SPA...
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    New member from Bradenton FL

    Hello from florida. I've been following a few threads but finally time to seek more personalized help. I'm in sunny Florida. Looking forward to working with all on this site. I have IG pool and spa (just realized I left spa off signature so will add that). The pool and house built in 2002, I...