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    Pool temperature reading is wrong

    My pool temperature reading has been accurate since we've had the pool for the past two years. Last night I turned the heater on and it showed 76 degrees which seemed low but I thought might be correct and I let the heater run over night. This morning it was still reading 76 degrees both on...
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    SWG not properly detecting salt level

    I have a Hayward Aqua Rite salt water generator that doesn't seem to detect the salt level correctly. I have a salt level in the pool at ~3300 PPM after adding salt earlier this year and testing the level with test strips. Whenever the SWG starts up though it gets a reading closer to 2200 PPM...
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    Adding Antifreeze to return lines

    I had a company come out and close my pool last winter. I took notes while they were doing it so I could do it myself this year and ongoing. In my notes I see that they had somehow added antifreeze to the return lines and verified that antifreeze was coming out of the return lines before...