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  1. saraiks

    differences with intellipro VS3050 and VF

    FYI.. Amazon has it on a special at $829.78 shipped! :P
  2. saraiks

    Inline water heater for spa-only?

    I have a fairly antiquated gas heater (Gemini 3) and I use it to heat the SPA only by blocking the jets in the pool with simple rubber stoppers and forcing the circulation of the water in the spa only. Not a perfect solution but it does heat up the Spa by about 10 degrees per hour.. Almost $20...
  3. saraiks

    I need Help URGENT!

    Most likely you are either loosing head on the pump which means your pump is sucking in some air.. Suggest using a submersible pump like this one from a Home Depot or Lowes to drain all the water.
  4. saraiks

    Low Calcium Hardness and high Total Alkalinity

    How is your pH reading varying over time ? do you have to add a lot of acid ?
  5. saraiks

    O-Ring replacement

    Another update.. Ten months and 4 filter cleanings later the Pressure cooker rubber sealing ring is still holding up fine. No signs of any wear and tear or cracking! ..
  6. saraiks

    CompuPool Salt Water Chlorine Generator Cell on sale at woot

    I found a manual for the darned thing on the australian site. Support might be the only issue.. but the price is very good as per the posts above..
  7. saraiks

    CompuPool Salt Water Chlorine Generator Cell on sale at woot

    Is this any good.. for $699 ???
  8. saraiks

    Cloudy, milky pool- FRUSTRATED!!!!!

    In general to clarify the water from Milky to Clear in any pool the following things need to happen: 1. There should be no active algae bloom. 2. The Water chemistry must be balanced for the type of pool you have. 3. The Pump and the filter need to run constantly till the water is clear. The...
  9. saraiks

    Help? Giant Pond That's Supposed to Be a Pool? (Pics Added)

    Great Pictures.. Here is what you have.. 1. The black square hole thingy may be a skimmer. Check if there is a cover on top of it with a mesh basket in it. 2. The Filter is a standard sand filter that can be backwashed. 3. The Vari Flow valve controls the amount of water flowing throught the...
  10. saraiks

    Help? Giant Pond That's Supposed to Be a Pool? (Pics Added)

    Waterwoman.. I PM'd you some local resource info..
  11. saraiks

    Help? Giant Pond That's Supposed to Be a Pool? (Pics Added)

    Welcome to TFP.. !! Where are you located ? If there is a hepful member nearby who can lookover your equipment to see if it is servicable/working that wold get you started. you can always get your water checked at the local poolstore for free but don't buy what they recommend before you...
  12. saraiks

    Any new pools for the slideshow?

    Please add..
  13. saraiks

    Flock or Drain???

    Don't give up without a fight.. a turnaround is possible without putting too much money into it. Here's what I suggest.. 1. Use a leaf net to take out all the crud you can. Line the leaf net with some cheesecloth to take some more out. 2. Read the stickies and use the directions is Jasons...
  14. saraiks

    Newbie that had green pit with frogs!

    Don't worry.. green to clean takes just about a week if you are religious enough in your chlorine numbers... most of us have been there one time or the other and pulled through in about 7 days.. :lol:
  15. saraiks

    Suction/Vacuum trouble. Please help!?

    Backwash...?? seems like there is too much crud in the filter.. my 2 cents.. :wink:
  16. saraiks

    Keeping worms out of the pool

    I have used "home defense" from Ortho around the outer perimeter of the concrete around my pool to keep snails and other bugs away. It works for about a month or two.. then reapply..
  17. saraiks

    What temp to use for calculating CSI ?

    There is a lot of variation in the day and night temperatures expected here in NorCal for this weekend. It is supposed to be at 75+ during the day and 50+ for the night. This is a 25 degree variation which produces two widely varying numbers for the CSI in the pool calculator. What number should...
  18. saraiks

    Pool Calculator Results Question

    As a rule of thumb I run my pH higher by 0.1 for every 10 degrees of temprature below 75. i.e. for water temp of 75F pH is 7.5 for 65F pH is 7.6 for 55F pH is 7.7 for 45F pH is 7.8 This works well for me over the winter as I don't close my pool here in sunny "Kaaliphorniya" my 2 Cents..
  19. saraiks

    New Guy! First Pool! O'MY!!!

    Square peg===> Round Hole = Waste(d) :lol:
  20. saraiks

    New Guy! First Pool! O'MY!!!

    Welcome to TFP... Browse around and read the stickies at a minimum. If you just added fresh water without any chemicals at all you will need the following: 1. CYA (To get some stabilizer for preventing rapid Cl loss) 2. Baking Soda (To raise TA) 3. Bleach (Chlorine Source). for exact...
  21. saraiks

    Gunnite Rolled Edge Cracks and Cool Deck!

    Concrete/Gunnite cracks are generally attributable to two factors.. 1. Improper curing 2. Inadequate surface prep/shifiting of underlying soil Fortunately repairing cracks is easy as long as there are no underlying soil issues. A variety of products are available depending upon location of...
  22. saraiks

    New Pool - When to start salt system?

    In addition to Jason's recommendations above I would suggest you watch your water temperature too. Most SWCG's don't work below 50F. my 2 c... :wink:
  23. saraiks

    TF-100 arrived and the results are in. Help

    I would sugget adding some liquid Chlorine to the water specially to the SPA if you are still using it. It will help keep the water sanitised and prevent the nasties from getting a hold.
  24. saraiks

    O-Ring replacement

    Just an update.. the Pressure cooker sealing ring is holding up quite well so far.. I had to clean and reassemble my cartridge filter due to all the debris from the recent rains and the replacement ring was just fine. No signs of any wear and tear or damage !
  25. saraiks

    Variance in TA reading

    I trust what the TF test kit is telling me but wanted to know what the other kit was reading. The test procedure for the other test kit is fairly similar. Fill up Water to a certain mark on the measuring cylinder. Add a drop of Chlorine neutralizer. Add 2 drops of the #4 reagent. Add #2...
  26. saraiks

    Variance in TA reading

    The Leslies kit is old but the reagents in it are fairly new...
  27. saraiks

    Variance in TA reading

    I tested my TA with the TF test kit and it read 70. I retested with my old Leslies kit and it reads 100. Is the TF test kit test reading accounting for the CYA(60) ? or is someting else whacked..
  28. saraiks

    O-Ring replacement

    :idea: :lol: I was cleaning my filter and in the process of reassembling it I broke my O-Ring. Since the pool store was closed I went to my local Ace hardware(Known as Dales' here in Fremont). They did not have a replacement but I found something else that works great! I used a pressure...
  29. saraiks

    Hardwater and getting started with BBB

    You really need to "invest" in a good test kit. See Jason's Signature above for the TF test kit which is pretty darned good...