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    Use well water after the well has been sanitized?

    There are probably too many unknowns here, but I'll ask just in case someone has come across this before. The water supply to my house is via a well and yesterday I had the well pump replaced. Afterwards, calcium hypochlorite was added to the well to sanitize it. I was given instructions to...
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    Pool opening - What a difference a day makes!

    This is my second pool opening since moving into a house that had an existing pool. Last year I timed a new liner installation to occur in the spring which allowed the pool company to take care of the opening. So, this is the first time I personally opened the pool. I knew I was late in opening...
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    Reinstall Pentair Sand Filter drain

    While closing my pool last fall I wasn't paying close attention to how I was removing the sand filter (Pentair TA60) drain plug and I removed not only the plug, but the entire drain. It was obvious what I had done when sand and water began flowing out the bottom of the filter. I managed to...