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    Pentair East Touch 4 help

    Need some help figuring out the relays to energize perimeter lighting. I had one relay unused and decided to automate the lights. I brought power into the line side and out through the load side. Just can’t make it work. I have attached a couple of pics, any help would be appreciated. Thanks...
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    TF-100 refill sale

    Just ordered refills and wanted to pass along they are on sale until 21 March for 20% off.
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    SWCG Questions

    Need some advise on possibly installing a SWCG in a new pool. Our pool is around 15k gallons won’t a in-line tablet clorinator. I have stopped using after reading the form and have been using liquid chlorine. My questions are 1) I have white limestone coping and wanted to know if the salt will...
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    My first test with TF100

    Hy guys, just found this forum about a month ago and what a wealth of knowledge! I just wanted to post my first test with my new TF100 test kit and get any recommendations. Thanks for for any feedback. FC = 3 CC = 0 CH = 250 TA = 60 CYA = 40 PH = 7.6 62 degrees and sunny pool water 58 degrees
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    Howdy from Central Texas

    Hello all. Just found this forum and what a wealth of information. We are just finishing our second pool and outdoor kitchen area. Hopefully will be finished soon and post final pics. Once again, so glad I found this site and wanted to say hello to everyone.