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    Stain removal

    Hello, hope everyone is having a great summer. I have some small stains on some stairs that I believe is some scale but not really sure. What do you guys use for small areas like this? Any Jacks Magic guys out there? Thx in advance
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    Run time on timers

    does anybody know if you can put multiple on/off screws on timers? Want to turn in the pump in the morning for a few hours then the rest at night when chlorine is not gassed off so easily. Any thoughts
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    Winter vacuums

    Does anybody use a robot to vacuum in the winter with their covers on?
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    Jacks Magic #2

    Anyone here have experience with using this stuff? I have some scale area I want to get rid of but have some concerns using it. Can you use it for spot removing? Can you swim after using it just for spot removal? Any precautions? I have read the directions but looking for real time use...
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    Got some good numbers but seems a bit cloudy. Had a big pool party yesterday and raised the fc numbers up some in advance. Fc-6.5 Ph- 7.6 Cc-0 Cya-40 Ta-50 Ch-200 Maybe it’s just my eyes but seems not as crystal as I have seen before. Really hot days up here inNE. Thanks
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    Ch raise

    I got some calcium chloride that is 94-97% pure. I assume this will work? Will this affect any other numbers? Fc-4 Cc-0 Ta-50 Ph-7.6 Cya-40 Ch-175 Thanks.
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    Which one first

    I need to add stabilizer and increase hardness, any reason I should not do both at same time? Also can you swim while adding these. Thx
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    I screwed up really low ph

    Well I guess I added to much acid now. FC-4 Cc-0 Ph- less than 7 TA-50 Ch-150 Cya-50 Should I use baking soda or ph up?
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    Company opening

    I use a company to open and close but maintain my pool throughout the season, the cover is to heavy to do on my own. Anyway, the company put shock in before I got to test anything. But I do maintain some chlorine in the winter with liquid chlorine once a month and circulate with a submersible...
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    Robot cleaners

    The local pool store is having a “sale” on robot cleaners and I’m thinking of getting one. Anyone have good ones to go for or bad day es to stay away from? I see amazon and eBay have some cheaper ones but don’t want to get junk. Thx
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    Total alkalinity

    Recently went on vacation, 5 days, and was surprised and how well my pool did on chemical balance. I have only owned this pool for three year, this being my third. My ph has never been so stable and my chlorine is also doing well. I did have to use pucks while I was out but have been...
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    Brush and stains

    Anyone have any luck with brushing minor metal stains with stainless brush on plaster to remove them, without using a jacks magic type product?
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    Skimmer socks great price

    All, Just FYI, amazon has 20 skimmer socks for 17.95. Cheap buy for good product Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hello all, I know my alkalinity is a little low, 50, but my ph is stable and Fc looks good too. My question is, if I raise my Alkalinity a bit will it help with some plaster discoloring? Recent numbers Fc- 4 Cc- 0 Ta- 50 Ph- 7.4 Cya - 70 Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    testing question

    I am still fairly new at pool stuff but learning. The pool guy opened on Tuesday and dumped about 4 bags of shock in my 30k gallon pool. I checked my levels today and my levels were as follows fc- 10 Cc - 0 ta- 50 CyA - 30 pH - 8 Calcium hardness- 300 My question is with all the shock in there...
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    Not too bad..

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Winter care

    So it's time in Maryland to open the flood gates and start figuring out what we should or should not of done over the One thing I can't wait to see is my water on Tuesday. (Tuesday is when we open the pool). This year I tried something new and maintained my chlorine level and ph...
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    Plaster or rocks??

    Anybody know what this is? Found this in my pump clean out after vacuuming pool. Pool is only a year old Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Cya in the sun

    Almost sounds like a folk So I am guessing since the north east area has yet to see sun for more than two days straight, my cya is higher. And I know it's bad to use the tri-Chlor tabs but I have a big bucket of them so I am using them up. When the sun returns the cya will most...
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    Opening day

    Fist season with new pool. Shock initiated. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    mineral pool

    So I am a new pool onwer in the Annapolis Md. area, and was sold a mineral pool. We recently just built our pool and closed it in December, opened in October... have yet to use the mineral set up as we were just using chlorine since we were not really going to use the pool in November. I...
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    New Owner Winter PH

    Good afternoon all, great to find this site. I am a new pool owner and recently closed the pool, the pool was recently finished in October and closed in December. My PH is through the roof now, above 8... I read some other threads that said to put a circulating pump in and some MA with it...