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    Cant find suction side leak, basket wont prime

    Hi, guys. I have a 20 year old pacfab challenger filter pump and a separate pump for my infloor system. The past few weeks, noticed dirt wasn't cleaning off pool floor very well. Water in strainer basket was slowly getting lower. Removed housing to check impeller, everything looked ok. Since...
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    Pump leaking despite many repairs

    Hey all Pump is leaking at the bottom of the band clamp. Replaced shaft seal, o ring, and band clamp. Still leaking. Whats left? I'm ready to suck it up and buy a new motor.
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    Pump motor not turning on

    I just replaced the O-ring on the pump housing and now the motor won't turn on. The capacitor is a few months old and the motor is 2 years old and shows no signs of wear. Shaft seal was replaced 3 months ago. Yes, the breakers are on. Any ideas?
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    Leak at threaded union on front face plate

    Hi, I'm new here and looking for some advice. I was replacing the front face housing on my pump. I got everything installed, waited 2 hours for the PVC cement to dry, primed it, and turned it on. I have a leak at the threaded union. Any suggestions? If I cut the PVC just above the threaded...