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    Resurface question regarding tile line and no coping

    Found out in one of my bids that these are called cap stone tiles. They are not generally used anymore except on old pools that need the tile replaced. Unfortunately, that means they are $5 per tile which ends up costing more than my water line tile and has significantly increased the cost of...
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    Best time(s) to run pump

    I will say that every pool is different and I've had 2 different pools here in the valley, both that needed different run times. During the winter months here, I found I could run my 1st pool's pump only about 6 hours with 1.5 hours of that being at a higher speed to run the in-floor system...
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    Best time(s) to run pump

    While I understand why you would run it during the day for solar heating from October - March, why would you be doing that now? Unless your pool is completely shaded, i would think your pool is bordering 90* right now like mine is. It might be a good idea to have a pump schedule for when its...
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    Best time(s) to run pump

    I'm in scottsdale and have solar but have APS, although its a similar plan with peak time from 12 to 7. I'm not sure I'm understanding your run times. If you want to run it for 12 hours, why are you running it at all between 2 and 8pm? If the SRP program is at all like APS, you'd be building...
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    Resurface question regarding tile line and no coping

    I've decided to bite the bullet and resurface our rental houses white plaster pool and spa, as it has some chips and various stains from over the years. The pool was built in the mid 80's with the house and has somewhat of an odd feature where it has 2 rows of tile at the top of the pool. The...
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    Doheny's Discovery, S200, Active20, Triton owners club

    I had finally decided to spend the money and get a dolphin but now it seems prudent to hold off until these issues resolve or if a few others are able to troubleshoot it like above
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    New Pool Build - Little Elm TX

    I do love the aqua blue and would choose it again if i had to
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    Longer POWER cord for Dolphin S300i / Dolphin Commercial Robots

    Is that the only reason they recommend not using an extension cord? I thought it had something to do with the potential drop in power based on the long lengths of cable.
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    Doheny's Discovery, S200, Active20, Triton owners club

    Have people been successful getting the rebates when going through Marina? I recall some discussion about it since its not your "local retailer" but thought people were still getting the rebates. Might push me from the active 20/s200 up to the 30/300. I think the difference is $100 more but...
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    Opinions on most durable and cost effective surface for resurfacing gunite pool

    Just finished remodeling the pool at our new house and am thinking ahead to when we have to resurface the pool at our rental house. My goal for the surface would be something as bullet-proof as possible while factoring in cost/benefit over other surfaces. It's currently a white plaster pool...
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    Sticker shock in Oklahoma, give me your thoughts on this bid.

    While it wouldn't drastically reduce the price, there are quite a few things that could be removed from that bid that are likely inflating the cost by builder markup. 1. Do you really need to run the pool and spa at separate times? I ran my old pool and spa off one intelliflo and they were...
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    New Pool Build Thread in Cypress TX (NW Houston)

    I'm assuming it might be different depending on your specific cities laws, but all the pools I know of here in AZ (including my 2, and three of family members) have to be drained through your sewer clean out via running a large diameter hose from the pool to the clean out. When I bought our...
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    Who to choose?

    Always include a vac line whether u have in floor or robot. I've had 2 different pools with in floor systems, 1 worked really well and would be worth every penny while the other didn't keep the pool clean. A lot of it depends on what is getting your pool. I'd ask for the references that chose...
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    Automatic Pool Cleaner recommendation

    What dolphin was it? Assuming it was an older model...
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    Looking for robot for large pool with 30-60day trial period

    Check this website for a dealer in your area that runs a demo program. I can't find whether that includes a trial period but that might be what demo means. Ask what their return/exchange policy is in case the one you get doesn't meet your needs. With a pool that large, I'm assuming you're...
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    Electrical help - rewiring pool light switch for smart switch

    Here's the wiring. Bottom right hole goes out of the box and to the gfci, hole on the right of the box runs to the pump. Got home too late to take a pic of the gfci and switch and how they are wired, let me know if you need those as well.
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    Doheny's Discovery, S200, Active20, Triton owners club

    I think you just follow the directions here: Promotions - Maytronics
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    Doheny's Discovery, S200, Active20, Triton owners club

    Looks like the rebates are back up and makes the difference from an s300/a30 to s300i/a30i to only $50 (based on Marina pricing posted previously) since they are $100 different but the s300i now comes with a $125 rebate vs. a $75 rebate for the s300. I've seen a lot of people request changing...
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    What type of pavers and whats the cost difference between the two from your builder? My experience here in Arizona is that kool deck is definitely cooler than pavers, although still too hot to really stand on for any period of time which somewhat mitigates the difference. But we're talking...
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    Remodel recommendations? Bubblers, lights, pavers

    We just did bubblers on our remodel and since we didn't want to pay to have them run new pipe for electrical, we did not do the LED bubblers. The "bubblers" we used are tc3 flush mount return jet nozzles and they sit flush in the surface of the baja step. Overall, they work really well and...
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    Electrical help - rewiring pool light switch for smart switch

    The original x10 switch for my pool light has gone bad and will not turn off the light without manually tripping the gfci it's wired to. Since I need to change the switch anyways and I'd like to have some remote capability for the pool light until I finally break down and get the easy touch, I'm...
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    AZ Remodel imminent

    I'll PM you I'm very happy with it overall and would choose that color again in a heartbeat. The only thing second guess myself on is the tile choice. I thought we were going to go with a very light surface so wanted to do blue tile. We decided to go with a blue surface and stuck with the tile...
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    AZ Remodel imminent

    I'm guessing they did attach the wires but could not get the light to turn off so they disconnected them. Instead of saying anything, they just left.
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    AZ Remodel imminent

    Overall, I am happy with the result. Builder is coming out tomorrow to go over "opening" (pool was done filling Sunday at 9:00am) and when I asked if I should do anything in the meantime, his only response was jump in... So I've been doing my brushing and waiting to meet with him while putting...
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    Please help with stairs. Need a decision by tomorrow.

    that's a pretty large drop. couldn't they just add one more step after that one? Looks like you've got the space there from the pics you posted.
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    Pool Steps

    I looked at doing the 3rd option you posted when I built our baja step. The guy doing most of the work (rebar, gunite, etc) said he would recommend against that because of a tripping hazard for our kids, but I'm sure it could be potentially for anyone. His opinion was with the kids running...
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    Incomplete pool project

    Go with the bigger filter if you can (CCP 520 vs 420), will help with having to clean it less often and it's an insignificant amount more. Looks like you'll be tight on space so might be a good idea so you have to get back there less often. Are you building some sort of wall between the...
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    Replaster issues?

    What would sandblasting do? If you're removing all the plaster underneath anyways, seems like an unnecessary step. If you were only trying to remove the paint and leave the plaster, I could see that as part of the process.
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    New BYOP Build Phoenix AZ

    How deep will your Baja step be? Id go with the 520 filter, an extra ~$100 Will help to go longer between cleanings. Well worth it imo.
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    AZ Remodel imminent

    Surface went in yesterday, overall looks pretty good to my eyes knowing that they still are going to acid wash this morning. I'm assuming that will even out some of the color since the acid wash should show more if the pebble. A few spots that are concerning if I'm picky, one spot especially...