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    What exactly is TA

    I have extremely high TA fill water @ 340. I'm wondering what exactly is TA? And what chemical reaction takes place for TA to raise pH. I'm having trouble understanding why if you add acid why it lowers pH fast but TA very slowly?
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    Our second build in East Texas

    We have missed our pool ever since we sold our house two years ago, finally about to build at our new place. When we built the first pool we were both on the fence in decided if we would enjoy having to care for a pool, but luckily I stumbled upon this forum during construction. Thanks to all...
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    IC60 reading high salt

    I have an IC60 controlled by the Easytouch controller. The IC60 is saying that my pool salt is 4500ppm. But when I test the salt with the Taylor salt test I get 2800ppm. (same three test in a row). According to Taylor test I should be adding salt, and acorrding to the IC60 I should be lowering...
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    Confused about CYA need

    I know I read the purpose for CYA a 100 times or more here. But I am still confused about it. I have a couple of questions I need explained to help me better understand the need for it. What does it actually do for my Chlorine level? I understand that it protects from chlorine loss due to UV...
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    Raising Alkalinity

    My numbers are: TC - 4.5 CC - 0 PH - 7.8 CH - 250 TA - 30 Last year my TA was very high with my fill water so while controling my rising PH due to new plaster with MA, it also brought my TA down. Now the PH still continues to creep up and my TA is 30 due to acid additions. If I want to raise...
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    Low salt light on IC60

    I have an IC60 that was new last May. Worked great all season, but now it is reading that salt levels are 1900, tested with Taylor test kit shows salt levels @ 3200ppm. My water temp is 62deg F. Could this be causing the incorrect reading ? I inspected the cell and there is no signs of scaling...
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    Pump run time question

    Assuming electrical consumption is a factor but not my main concern, which would be better for pool circulation: 1: Run pump at higher speed for shorter period of time. 2: Leave pump running at slower speeds 24/7. 3: Something in between. I have a large pool with 5 returns, 2 skimmers...
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    SWG chlorine production ratings

    I have a question on this. The owners manuel of the IC60 says it can produce up to 2lbs of pure chlorine a day. By saying pure does that mean it would be equivilant to say 2lbs of 100% cal hypo if it existed that is? Or say 3.77 lbs of 53% cal hypo? So if I was using 1lb/day of 53% cal hypo to...
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    BleachCalc numbers don't match my chlorine increase???

    Ok, last night we started using bleach instead of the cal hypo to chlorinate. My FC level prior to adding bleach was 3.0, I added 2.5gal of 6% clorox to pool last night after dark. This morning the FC is 8ppm. According to BleachCalc it should be at 6ppm for my size pool. I realize that the...
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    New pump sqealing

    My brand new VS3050 has been runnig 24/7 @ 2500 rpm since start up of the pool about 2 weeks ago. The last day or so have noticed a hi pitched sqealing coming from the pump like dry bearings. It has not lost prime and run dry at any point during this time. This is probably not good right???
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    Balancing questions

    Ok new pool has been up and running for about two weeks now. The water looks great. Clear as bell. I am however having some concerns with my numbers on a day to day basis. Here are my current numbers (TF100) FC 4 CC 0 PH 7.5 TA 100 CH 200 CYA 40 ???? Start up water was high...
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    Our progess so far.

    The digging begins!!!
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    Pebble Tex vs. Sparkle Quartz Break in times

    I am currently planning on using Finest Finish Sparkle Quartz in our new pool. But now am considering going with Pebble Tec. My question is, What is the difference in start up / break in procedures between the two of them. In other words can I swim any earlier by going with Pebble Tec.
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    New pool start up, well water.

    Construction has finally begun the other day and should be done in another 10 to 14 days. I have spent the last several weeks reading everything I can on this site. I am hoping that this whole pool chemistry thing isn't as complicated as it sounds. Although I now feel like I know more than my PB...
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    SWG large enough for 52,000 gal pool

    We are about to build a 24' x 48' 52,000 gal pool with 7' spa. This seemed like a simple enough project until I started reading and researching. It seems like for every opinion about something to do with a pool there is one claiming just the opposite. My head is now spinning. Been reading on...