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    Pump leaking and considering SWCG - help me decide.

    Hello, My old pump is leaking from the bottom and from the threading on the water outlet. The housing is a Hayward RS series and motor is an A.O. Smith 2HP single speed (I think its pretty much a Super Pump 2 equivalent). I took it apart and found that the diffuser gasket was definitely bad...
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    Texas sun burning 3 FC per day

    Hello all, TFPC methods have been working great for me since I first posted a few months ago. However now we are in full summer season and the pool cannot be left alone. Its about 1 Gal of bleach to raise FC by 3 points but then daytime sun burns all of that off. So a gallon per day is consumed...
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    First time owning a pool, new TF-100 results

    Hello everyone. We moved over thanksgiving and bought a house with a pool. See signature for details. I didn't pay for any pool school but a few co-workers have been giving me tips. Over the winter I've gone to the pool store a few times with water samples and all my numbers have been good. I've...