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    Finished SLAM 2 days ago but now FC dropping again

    Finished my SLAM 2 days ago but now FC is dropping again TC=400 (our fill water is 250-300) TC=3 FC=2 pH=7.3 TA=70 CYA=50 Cleaned my cartridge filters again yesterday just to make sure they were clean, water looks clear, I can see heads on a quarter at 5 feet. It has been sunny and in the 90's...
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    CYA dropped and so did free chlorine

    So my CYA dropped to less than 20 after a long hot summer and now my free chlorine is only 0.5 and total chlorine 1.0. I have added CYA and it is now back up to 40 but my SWG has not raised the chlorine levels in a week. Any suggestions? Just cleaned the cartridge filter and salt cell today...
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    High free chlorine with SWG

    TH 250,Total Chlorine 10, Free chlorine 10, pH 7.6, Total Alkalinity 80, CYN 50 I have adjusted the SWG down to 20%, pump runs 3 hrs at night and 3 hrs in the day, 7500 gallon pool. How can I get my Free Chlorine levels down. Should I adjust the Intellichlor down more?
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    EcoSmart Tankless Electric pool heaters

    Does anyone out there have any experience with Ecosmart Tankless pool heaters. I am just looking to extend my season a month on either end, so I really can't see a gas or regular electric heater for such a short time each year. Live in Tucson Arizona. Any suggestions?
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    Pool plumbing pressure test and pressure drop

    My pool builder is pressure testing the plumbing with water. Pressured it up to 30 psi, went up to 31 psi later in the day, then dropped to 29 psi the next day. Stayed around 29/28 for 3 days. Pressure gauge is still on after 3 weeks and reading has dropped to 12 psi. We have had temps from 80...