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    Dolphin S300i App Question

    I'm struggling to understand how the Dolphin S300i App works. Last evening around 8pm, I walked up to the cleaner and launched the app on my phone. Once the app found the cleaner, I launched the app and created a weekly timer to start ultra cleaning at 6am every day. After applying the weekly...
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    Pentair Easy Touch, IntelliFlo, IntelliChlor and IntelliBrite Installation Question

    Hello all... i'm looking for opinions of whether what I have been told by the pool contractor is correct. My current pool is chlorine based and the setup is very simple. It has a single speed pump with a sand filter, a polaris booster pump and a halgen light. The single speed pump and the...
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    Dolphin Pool Robot Question

    Hello All... I'm very curious about the advantage of having a cleaning schedule for the dolphin pool robots. If i'm not able to leave the robot in the pool every day, what is the purpose of having the ability to schedule the days/times the robot should clean? Since it is not recommended to leave...