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    Above ground closing caps

    Apologies for this likely being covered but I’m too lazy to search more than 5min. I’ve got the water drained out of the simple plumbing, filter out and rinsed and set aside also. Do I need to worry about plugging the skimmer and return lines as well? Both have valves to close which will be...
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    pH up on covered pool

    So my pool is covered for the winter but not closed because it’s too warm outside. Chlorine level is solid but pH is down to 7.2 and the calculator says to add about 2lbs of borax. Can I just slowly add this to the slimmer since the pool is covered?
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    Covered and now vacation

    So I put the winter and leaf covers on our pool because it’s getting cool and we’re leaving soon for a long vacation. I have a timer that will run my pump and swg while we’re away. Question is, is there any chlorine usage when the cover is on? Should I set the swg to low and only run it 2-3hrs...
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    Round solar heater

    Anyone have experience with the round solar heaters that are available online? My roof is on the opposite side of the pool from my pump so it’s not practical to plumb to the roof type solar heaters. Looking for a real review of the more compact round ones before pulling the trigger. Also saw a...
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    Early Closing?

    So this is my first year with my pool and I've read teh section in pool school for closing and it mentions to wait for the water to drop below 60°. My problem is, we're heading out of country for vacation for the last 2 weeks in October and I plan to close before we leave rather than waiting...
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    First Cleanout with cartridge filter

    Just did my first cleanout with my cartridge after the pool is a month old. Not because the pressure raised, but just to see what it looked like. My pool is 13k gallons and I have a 190sqft cartridge that’s manufacturer rated for 30k gallons. It was a little tan, but not bad at all. For...
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    What to do with torrential rain

    For pool chemistry, is there an ideal practice for pump running when you get a TON of rain? Is it best to kill the pump so the overflow drains off the top rather than mixing in the rain water and having well-mixed water drain out? Trying to minimize my water balance effects if that’s even...
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    Dry ice fun

    I searched and don’t see this topic...anyone ever suspended a block of dry ice in a float on a calm evening to make some fog over the pool water. Seems like a fun idea if it won’t do anything crazy to the water.
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    Cartridge Filter Maintenance

    I've had my pool for a few weeks now and have no reason to believe I'm at the point that I need to clean my cartridge filter, but I have questions after installing a fountain and seeing that the filter pressure changes based on the flow through the fountain/bypass unit. When the pump was new...
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    CYA Storage

    So I found a good price on bulk CYA but it comes in a biggie. Gonna put it in a lowes bucket but is it ok to store long term in a shed that likely hits over 100 degrees regularly?
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    SWG Settings for Longevity

    General question about running SWG...I run my pump on low 24/7 at the moment because it's so stinkin hot and obviously I don't run the SWG all the time, only run it based on chlorine level. Question is, is there any affect on SWG life if I run it at 100% for shorter periods of time compared to...
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    Pool Cooler

    Anyone ever plumbed in an automotive style radiator with some electric fans to cool off their pool? I'm thinking of a parallel path on the clean side of the filter that could be used as needed to run the water through the radiator core to pull out excess heat when needed. Thoughts?
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    Vinyl liner and CH

    I took a water sample from my newly setup pool to the local shop and they measured the CH at 0 and recommended I add something like 33lbs of calcium chloride. I did lots of reading and found one website (besides here) that says CH doesn’t matter in a vinyl pool and many others mentioned that...
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    Salinity testing

    So I just installed a new 24’ round 4’ deep pool with a salt system. The salt cell recommends 3500ppm which came out to 370ish lbs of salt according to the table in the manual. We added 9.5 bags which should get us right in the ballpark but my test strips are giving me a reading of over 5000ppm...