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    No room to add a heater

    I want a propane heater to extend our season. There is no room on the pad, but I was thinking that if I could have the HVAC units moved further to the right, then pour another slab and move the pool equipment to the right, the heater can be to the left, closest to the propane tank and feed back...
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    Micah's (4 year old) Swim Epic

    This was our first pool year. Our youngest boy started the season needing a float vest, but now asks to wear weight belts to practice freediving like his dad and brothers.
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    Bug Mystery

    I have solved this mystery, but intended to post it a while back for detective fun. Can anyone guess where the ants are coming from? We had a very strange situation where hundreds of ants (winged and unwinged) were showing up in the skimmer. I discovered that they would first appear in the...
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    Storm: Gazebo in the Pool

    I need a few neighbors to help me. I was in the pool to assess the damage and it seems it dented the floors vermiculite in a few places, but the liner did not get ripped. Any thoughts? Should I just overlook it and be thankful? There is one section that is dented pretty good. I could push my...
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    Hiding the second liner track

    We have a double line track, one of which is empty (used for the concrete coping forms). Is there some kind of gray trim I could stick in there that would overlap the liner by a few millimeters or so, fill in the second top track, and hide the white frame to make the transition from concrete to...
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    Taylor Test Kit vs. Pool Store Results (VERY DIFFERENT)

    Ok.. So first thoughts... How are these so different? TA, FC, CYA and CH are the biggest differences. He also told me that 6FC is too high. I have been shooting for 8FC. Am I going to end up bleaching my liner? Or will my CYA protect it? He even said that even with high CYA, the sun will...
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    Dead frog in the pool all day

    Whenever I test the water and discover a very low FC I go on a hunt for the culprit. Today I found a dead frog in the pool that must have been there for a good 20hrs. What kind of FC drops should we expect in situations like that? Is a dead frog a reasonable excuse for dropping from 8 to 6.5FC...
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    Smell chlorine, but low cc

    I tested .2 cc, 8fc and yet I smell chlorine tonight after we had about ten people in the pool (mostly kids). I'm wondering if maybe my cya testing is off and my fc is too high? Or could I be smelling .2cc? Other days without the smell it was at 0cc same fc.
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    Trouble with SWG and FC

    This is our first spring with the pool and our first season with the SWG plugged in. When we first put salt in about a month ago I had the SWG set to 85% and the FC was creeping up steadily too high. Right now I have 65CYA and am aiming for 8FC. FC was getting up to 10 and still climbing so I...
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    Night volleyball photo

    Just got a volleyball net, but still too cold to jump in. This will be our first season with the pool and we're waiting impatiently.
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    T-Cell15 / Aqua-Plus Reads Low-Salt Recently After Adding

    Our newly built pool had no salt all winter. I had been keeping up with liquid chlorine. Finally, our pool vendor brought 15, 40lb bags of salt. I told them to leave it by the garage and not put it in the pool. I tested my water and it read 600ppm. The Pool Math app told me to add 9 bags to get...
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    Mystery... Breaker on Automation Panel

    The last two mornings I woke up to find the breaker on the automation panel was switched off. The first instance both the main breaker and the pump breaker were off, but oddly I also found the automation box unlatched and the door wide open. I never leave the box open and I was confused. I am...
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    DE filter pressure getting high, but it's freezing outside

    Should I still backwash and recharge the de filter when it's freezing outside? I'm afraid the water will freeze on the ground when I backwash... I'm also dreading working in the cold. We do have warm days (Raleigh, NC area), but life has us busy with a recent new addition to the family. We just...
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    Goo-B-Gone on Vinyl Liner?

    Not sure if this question belongs here, but I figure that folks here would know best on whether this would mess with chemistry or destroy my liner... The concrete forms used around our pool had a strong, sticky adhesive (basically a sticker) that stuck to the liner. When removed, it seemed some...
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    Concrete Pour is tomorrow and I won't have the 90degree corners I expected

    I have a 6" radius vinyl liner. The track doesn't make a curve, but has 3 straight pieces that come together in a sort of hex shape. The concrete framing guys told me today that they have to follow the liner track with the coping forms and can't make a 90degree turn. This was news to me, but it...
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    Help me with my OCD

    Ok. So this is my first time owning a pool and for the past month and a half I have been testing daily and learning how the chemistry in my pool fluctuates. I am also using the Poolmath App from TFP and I love it. By testing daily, I am learning how rain affects chemicals in my pool. I was...
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    Can't see difference between 7.8 and 7.6 PH

    I'm wondering if there is a drop test I can just simply count rather than compare colors for PH. I'm having a difficult time determining where the results fall. I suppose the issue is that it's somewhere between 7.6 and 7.8. As a further test, I added one drop of acid demand and it seemed to...
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    Coping Options and Deck Advice

    Our pool still has no concrete decking and I have been looking at alternate options instead of doing a cantilever concrete edge. One option that seems to look very nice is a stone coping with concrete decking poured up to it. Is there a reason to avoid doing something like this? We have a...
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    Dissolving Large Chunk CYA Quickly [solved]

    I figured out the best way! After trying several suggestions and making many mistakes, I can now rid a 4lbs of CYA in about 5-10 minutes of active work. Some things I tried but got frustrated with: Mixing in a bucket of warm water (did absolutely nothing). Sock in the skimmer (would have taken...
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    New Pool Owner (fun pool build video)

    Hi All: New pool owner here. We've got a 16x40 rectangle, vinyl liner. No deck concrete yet and no experience ever maintaining a pool. I am really attentive to detail and have the lawn chemistry down to a science, so i'm certain this will be a breeze once I get the hang of it. Check out our...
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    New Pool, Builder doesn't want to add CYA until Spring

    This is week 3 of our inground pool and it's fall and 65F outside. We only got one swim and there is no concrete around the pool yet (coming in two weeks). This will be a salt pool, but the pool company doesn't want to add the Salt or the CYA until spring. They claim that the generator won't do...