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    Ready for Boric Acid?

    Here’s my numbers: FC-7 CC-0 PH-7.4 TA-90 CH-150 CYA-30-40( I can never pinpoint this) Temp-82 I’ve never added boric acid to a pool, but have been putting it in my hot tub for years......usually with a TA of around 60. I have a Hasa Liquidator on the way. Should I wait to get that dialed in...
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    New member from the Bluegrass

    Another long time lurker and lover of BBB. I have maintained a small hot tub for 5 years using Info from this forum. Decided to set up a small above ground this year.....15’ x 48” A few things about me: I’m cheap. I enjoy taking cheap, readily available stuff and turning it into something...