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    Don't think this is algae

    Pool has been off for three days due to a power outage and I went out and looked at the pool today and it still looks good but on the top of the water were several groups of egg type clusters floating around. Does anyone know what they are and is it safe to turn pool back on?
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    Hello from Tn

    I should have posted here first, hello everyone. I live in Clarksville, Tn close to Fort Campbell, Ky. Husband and I have bought our first home with an above ground swimming pool. Have taken off the cover and have began the work of hopefully bringing back the pool to sparkling oasis that it...
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    New pool owner and need help

    Husband and I took of cover two days ago...we have a green, brown pool. Today I tested the water using (walmart) test kit will be ordering a better one soon. Cl: 0.6 Br: 1.3 Ph: 7.2 CYA: did not test I have turned it on but turned it back until I can get a plan as to what to do next. Thank...