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    After research and calculations the plumbing upgrade begins. Currently the pool has 1.5 inch pipe and appears to have had multiple repairs. The pool currently has 3 returns 2 in deep end and the other appears as an old suction line that was converted to a return line. The pool has 1 skimmer...
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    The project begins

    Hello my wife and I purchased a home 7 months ago. We knew going in that the pool had major issues. This is what we came home to when returned from our vacation. With a little hard work and this site we were able to get it to look like this.:D The problem we had for the rest of the...
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    Problem Pool

    We recently purchased a home with a large pool. The house was discounted due to issues with the pool. The pool was built in the late sixties, and repaired on the cheap several times. We took on the adventure of repairing this pool. There are multiple cracks in the plaster that have been...