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    Getting a new vinyl liner

    After 15 years We decided to replace the liner in our pool despite not having any failures or leaks. (Retiring and wanted to avoid the expense later). We have been using the BBB method of treatment for the last 14 years. Everything is automated with a CAT 2000 system to control FC and pH and...
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    Salt in Fresh Water Pool

    See my signature for pool specs. Location Central PA BBB since 2004 And Ben :-) I add 8.25% bleach (Clorox) and Muriatic acid automatically with CAT based on ORP and pH. Now the issue. I started getting corrosion on the aluminum coping which appeared to be coming from the inside out (Concrete...
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    CYA test with Hach DR/850 Colorimeter

    As everyone knows the CYA test in the Taylor kits leaves a lot to be desired. Recently I found a Hach DR/850 Colorimeter ($20.00 at a public auction --- Local lab went belly up) . I bought the appropriate reagent from Hach ($17.00 for 50 powder pillows) and ran my first test using both methods...
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    Another Suggestion

    Would you consider separating SWCG out of the Chlorine Forum?? Also a separate forum for Above Ground Pools might be nice.