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    Hayward H250 heater winterization question

    I'm closing my pool for the first time and I've read elsewhere that you should disconnect the pressure switch in the heater. The Hayward manual states for winterization all that needs to be done is remove/disconnect the drain plug, gas and power. So do I need to disconnect the pressure switch or...
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    Hayward modified pool pump cover for closing

    I would like to make a modified pool pump cover for my Hayward super pump to attach my shop vac to blow out the lines. What is the best way to accomplish this? Should I just use a hole saw (ones for doors) and then stick an adapter in there that the vacuum can hook up to? Considering the lid...
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    Using backwash during closing?

    Is there any harm in backwashing in order to bring the water level down to the bottom of the skimmer mouth opening during draining for winter closing?
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    Bouncy castle air blower for closing?

    I'll be closing my pool myself this year and was wondering if anyone had any luck using a bouncy castle blower to clear lines. Pic attached. I can't find any literature regarding CFM on this. I also have a small Ridgid vacuum that I was going to try to use if not.
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    Skimmer float valve question.

    So I have my main drain connected to the skimmer with a slide plate that I use to control how much flow I want from it. Right now it's about 50% covered. I'm about to install a float valve in the skimmer (Hayward 1080) just in case my water falls below the skimmer mouth opening my pump won't...
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    Bad to keep higher than normal FC?

    I was just wondering what is the harm in keeping my FC at 20ppm with a CYA of 80. From what I learned here you can swim as long as your FC is below SLAM level.
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    Wiring a 2sp Hayward pump to automatically switch from HI to LO?

    Not sure if this is possible..... Is there a way to wire my Hayward 2sp pump to my timer so I can run it on high then low automatically through the timer? Right now I have to manually switch HI/LO on the pump itself as the timer just turns the pump on/off. My timer is an AUBE T1040 Thx
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    Steps in applying Magic Lube II to pump basket o-ring?

    Sorry if this is a dumb question. I wanted to lube my pump basket o-ring on my Hayward 2sp pump as I'm getting a small air bubble forming and becoming larger over time when running on the lower speed. My question is how to properly lubricate the o-ring. Does the o-ring need to be removed...
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    Is my SLAM finished?

    I'm trying to determine if my SLAM is done. Water has been crystal clear for 3 days at 31ppm with 80 CYA. Did the OCLT last night. Test at 10pm was 31ppm and this morning at 6am it was 29ppm. Is it normal to lose 2ppm with such a high chlorine saturation (31) or do I need to keep SLAMming...
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    SLAM and SWCG

    Is it OK to have the SWCG running during a SLAM? I just started a SLAM as my pool water was getting cloudy. CYA is 80. I brought it up to 31ppm using 15L of chlorine.
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    Cloudy water with all tests in range?

    Hoping someone can give me some direction on what to do next. My pool has slowly become cloudy over the past few days. I can still see the bottom of the deep end, but it's not as clear as it was say a week ago. All my test results are within acceptable range and my CC is either 0.5 or 0. I...
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    Shipping TFT test kits

    I wanted to order off tftedtkits to Florida so a friend can bring them back to Toronto when he travels there. My question is in regards to shipping. I don't want it shipped via UPS because he may not be at home to sign for them. It says on the website that I can choose USPS, but when Ichoose...
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    Quick TA question.

    My TA has been at a solid 100 since I started testing properly (Taylor) a couple weeks ago. Should I lower it to the recommended 60-80 or just leave it? Vinyl pool. Thx
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    Make R-0013 last longer?

    I only got the K-2006 and not the "c" version. I was wondering if there was a way to get accurate results using less of the R-0013.
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    Dolphin Encore Not Purging Air

    I have a Maytronics Dolphin Encore pool cleaner that is giving me issues. When it is turned on it goes forward for a few seconds, then reverse for a few second then stops. The impeller is free and clear, but is not spinning. It would normally purge excess air through the top and start...
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    How to turn K-2006 to K-2006C?

    Hello, I'm in Canada and purchased a Taylor K-2006 test kit and the K-1766. (Both arriving at the end of the month) I know I should have purchased the K-2006C, but it was well over $300. My question is what "extras" do I need to buy to bring my K-2006 up to par with the K-2006C? Also, I've...
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    Adding chemicals to new startup

    So I just got my SWG going a couple of days ago. I don't have the Taylor test kit yet so I took a sample to the pool store. My values: FC 5.81 (I added some liquid bleech this AM) TC 6.15 CC 0.34 PH 8.3 Hardness 99 Alkalinity (w/stabilizer correction) 98ppm CYA 62 Copper 0.4 Iron 0.2 Phosphate...
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    Pool Math App not showing values.

    Hey- not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but my pool math app does not show current values. All my logs are recorded but on the overview it's not showing current levels. I upgraded to Pro, but it still doesn't show my current levels on the overview page. Any suggestions to fix...
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    New Fill off city water

    Hello all! Can someone inform me of the steps to be taken when first starting up a new pool install off of City water? 20,000 gallon in-ground vinyl with Hayward heater, sand filter and swg. I'm going to run the pump once the water reaches the skimmer (tomorrow morning) bit have no clue as to...
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    New Pool opening

    Hello Everyone! I was directed to this site regarding questions about pools. I hope someone here can help me out. Last year we got an unground pool installed. It is a 16x30 in-ground vinyl pool. I have a sand filter, two speed pump, heater and aqua rite chlorine generator. The pool was...