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    New owner. First fill - TA/PH issues

    A few things: If your FC is >10ppm, pH test will not be accurate and will register high. Don’t add boric acid until everything is balanced and stable. Adjustments will require more chemical after you add borates. I usually give acid about 30min to circulate without aeration to drop pH and TA...
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    Adding pH down increased pH in hot tub

    Just did a clean/drain/fill on my hot tub yesterday.......pool is starting to get uncomfortably cool. Anyway, I was adjusting pH/TA yesterday too. It usually takes me 3 small adjustments to hit my targets. I usually circulate the first acid addition for 30min then aerate for 45min then test...
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    Adding pH down increased pH in hot tub

    The pH down and alk+ are working against each other........even though you are adding them separately. My suggestion is stop trying to manipulate TA and just manage pH. When pH climbs above 8, take it down to 7.4ish. Eventually, pH will begin to stabilize because your TA is also dropping and...
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    New Members - Pool Wo'es

    Take identical water samples to 2 different pool stores with digital’ll have your answer.
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    CYA and Chlorine disappearing

    What test are you using?
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    Show off your AGP Deck please!

    Holy moly! Awesome deck/pool/home/property! What kind of carpet? What did you use as substrate?
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    CYA & FC

    In a well managed pool that has always had adequate free chlorine, adding bleach at night is the most efficient use of liquid chlorine. But I think that bit of advice has been turned into “never add bleach at night” in some pool maintenance circles. Following TFP methods, you add bleach when...
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    Best Overall algaecide

    Their silk guard pucks are pretty popular and they work great for a while. But eventually, there will be problems. Ingredients: Trichlor, Boric acid and a little Copper sulfate. Most silk guard users won’t care about the copper until it becomes a problem........Then they come here.
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    (Update) Sand (dirt?) in pool, any other cause besides busted lateral/lateral assembly?

    It’s a possibility. I guess some varieties of zeolite are extremely brittle and somewhat fragile. Pool store who talked me into the zeo suggested I cover the laterals with pea gravel, then reinstall the zeo. My complaint wasn’t their first.
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    (Update) Sand (dirt?) in pool, any other cause besides busted lateral/lateral assembly?

    I was talked into zeosand when I installed my pool and had the same issue. Do you have typical filter sand or one of the zeolite varieties? I recently changed to good old #20 silica and the sand on the floor disappeared.
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    Wife just fired my pool guy - Want to make sure I am on right track cause plan on going it myself

    I don’t have much expertise to add to your situation other than suggesting you use the 10ml rather than the 25ml sample for testing chlorine. It is accurate enough and will save a bunch of reagent. Each drop = .5ppm.
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    I use a Liquidator and I’m puzzled as to how it actually works. There are points when it is full and when almost empty that seem to effect the chlorine concentration being delivered to the pool. But, anywhere in between it is remarkably consistent. Did your suspended bottle of half bleach...
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    Black algae problem

    We’ve all been there. Accurate testing + TFP resources = more time enjoying your pool........It’s that simple.
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    PH and Alkalinity

    I see what you’re saying about the CYA, SWG levels. My take is SWG allows you to keep a higher CYA level to combat UV losses because it’s a steady supply, not that it requires a higher CYA level. When you are dosing with liquid chlorine, a lower CYA allows you a greater range of effective FC...
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    As a self-proclaimed redneck engineer, I need to up my game a bit..........had no idea there were 91,000 drops in a gallon. 😎
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    PH and Alkalinity

    The only time I shoot for a TA target is after a water change in my hot tub. With the constant upward pressure on pH from aeration and use of borates, I like my TA around 60 within a day or 2 of changing water. In my pool(vinyl, no fountains or waterfalls), I simply manage pH.....the TA takes...
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    Lowered CYA it came right back up

    This is the crossroads of pool care. What the pool store sold you didn’t work, so their next step is to have you treat phosphates or TDS with some sort of clarifloccushockicide and then do the cya treatment again. Take the money you were going to give the pool store and buy a nice test kit as...
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    Show off your AGP Deck please!

    Thanks! The baluster kit is just black aluminum you get at Lowes. It includes the connectors which just fasten to the rail with screws and the baluster slides over. On the stairs, my son 3D printed some adapters for the angle
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    Show off your AGP Deck please!

    I started by getting that stringer to the right length, which involved a template, some trial, error and eyeballing, then just used a straight-edge across the other stringers to get riser and tread cut lines. Most of it was cut with a hand saw as my circular saw was looking a little dangerous...
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    Show off your AGP Deck please!

    My deck is sort of temporary.......I am a farm manager and housing is part of the deal, this backyard isn’t really mine. So, everything I build will need to be un-built at some point. Footers- just 4x8x16 blocks on compacted gravel. Ground level deck is 10x10......I may expand next year Pool...
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    It’s all about the water first. We’ve all seen the “resort quality” pools with unhealthy water that you wouldn’t swim in, even on a dare. On the other hand, a temporary pool with well managed water can be a great swim. That said, yours checks several boxes, nice pool!!
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    Dumping the Pool Store & Taking the TFP Plunge!

    The experts here will give you great advice on draining etc. to get your cya under control. Meanwhile, stock up on liquid chlorine. Walmart in Paris had the Pool Essentials 10% that was fairly fresh (get to know the Julian calendar). Does Paris pool supply stock liquid chlorine? Or just the...
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    Dumping the Pool Store & Taking the TFP Plunge!

    If you’ve been using the bio guard pucks and smart shock, they have copper too. Hello from Versailles!
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    Dumping the Pool Store & Taking the TFP Plunge!

    The TFP plunge is a whole lot less stressful than spinning the pool store roulette wheel and landing on clarifloccushockicide.
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    Official 2019 BBQ, Smoking, Grilling, Baking and Beer thread

    Thanks Brent. It started off as this a few years ago: And has slowly evolved to this:
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    Official 2019 BBQ, Smoking, Grilling, Baking and Beer thread

    Chops with citrus pablano rub on the smoker, corn on the gasser.
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    I’ve maintained my hot tub with TFP methods for a few years and it has been a breeze. This year we decided to set up a small AGP. I’ve had pools in the past, but did the pool store thing and never had water close to what I have now. 10 min per day, about $20 per month and my pool looks like...
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    Pool water for dog's normal drinking water

    My girl is not very refined.....tonight she drank a bunch of green lake water and rolled on a dead carp.
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    Unlevel Pool, but within the Instructions provided?

    It is much easier to level now than to drain a full pool and level. There’s been several sad stories posted on here about folks having to do just that. Also, pools can settle some as they fill especially if they are installed on soil that hasn’t been compacted. If it were my pool, I’d stop...