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    In-ground newbie -- I'm in the weeds now!

    After several seasons with my Intex above-ground pool, we're moving to a new house and I've adopted a vinyl-lined in-ground pool! Problem is, I know very little about this aged pump and filter and I haven't found any information about them online. The filter is a Sta-Rite D.E. spin filter (33...
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    Can anyone identify this Aquabot?

    We've inherited this cleaner with a new home and pool purchase and need to know if anyone can identify it by model number. The previous owner doesn't know anything about it, other than to plug it in and drop it on the pool, and all of the labels are completely washed out. Any help would be...
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    SLAM or treat for metals?

    Finally opening today, and of course I have some discolored water. Lack of chlorine+warmer temps=green water. I get it. It's not the first time. And my water level is down. Down enough that I have to add some before the pump will begin circulating. In the past, adding water -- even my supposedly...
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    DE filter & muriatic acid

    Last fall I used someone's suggestion to clean the elements of my DE filter by soaking them in a solution of muriatic acid & water, which produced pleasing results. Only thing is, the one container I have to soak in is about 30 gallons or so, which required a lot of water & acid. It just...
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    Is there some sort of classified section or user exchange on the TFP forum? Specifically, I'm looking to find anyone who has two or three gently used 2'x20' solar panels for sale.
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    To close or not to close

    I apologize if this has been covered elsewhere but I just need a quick bit of advise. My pool in SW Michigan has been dormant for some time now, well below 60 degrees on average and I was going to close it today. But, the high for today is expected to reach 70 and tomorrow is expected to...
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    Diagnosing DE filter/cellulose problems & solutions

    I have a Hayward DE filter/pump rigged to my ABG Intex pool (see signature for details) that has had nothing but FiberClear fed through it as a medium. I bought it brand new and it's been in service for three seasons, and it seems as though every season it has become progressively more difficult...
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    Winterizing a Hayward H100ID1

    This is my first winter closing the pool with the Hayward H100ID1 NG heater. The system has been disconnected with the pump and filter put into storage, but the manual for the heater doesn't give any detail about winterizing it, which I plan to leave sitting in place beside the pool. There...
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    Possible dedicated pump for solar - anyone have experience?

    I found this generic pump on eBay ( ) and am considering it for my dedicated solar-panel system that currently has my original 635T pump struggling to push...
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    I declare this the Summer of Mods!

    Not sure this is "showing off" but I wanted to share my Summer '14 Mods: Season Two. Last year was the first for our 18-foot Intex Ultra Frame, and that was all about getting things in order and learning to maintain "clean" water all season long. Check. I even managed to put a modest 4'x20'...
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    Difficulty adapting the Intex 635T pump output to PVC

    Not sure which section of the forum to post this, but I'll start here. I have been plumbing a second circulation system for our pool, hoping to utilize some cast-off parts to save money going through the gas heater. I have a pair of Sungrabber 2'x20' solar panels that I've put on a flat roof...
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    Drain for Hayward DE filter

    I have the Hayward EC50C90 Series D.E. filter (Fiber Clear cellulose charged) and it has a drain on the bottom for cleaning and, well, draining! As it stands now, once or twice a season I have to drain the filter to remove the built-up crud in the bottom, but it makes a big mess if I just open...
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    Is my Hayward heater supposed to be this noisy?

    We love the new Hayward H100ID1 natural-gas heater, but it seems to make a lot of noise, and after about two weeks it hasn't gone away. I can't tell if it sounds more like a whiny, squeaky fan bearing or if it's associated with the boiler/burner process, but it doesn't sound right. Should I be...
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    Is this pump up to the job?

    Now that I have the new Hayward gas heater plumbed into the system and the solar panels are no longer lying in the grass, I am considering my options for the solar. I had considered leaving them and plumbing them along with the gas heater, but I wasn't sure how that would work. If I put them...
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    Hayward heater installed. Now what?

    The new Hayward H100ID1 has been successfully installed and tested on a limited basis today. I have a few questions: 1) I assume the rather low-tech thermostat runs on the principle that when it's on a low setting, the heater shuts down after the incoming pool water reaches a modest gain, and...
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    The horror...the horror

    It's raining and 64 degrees :eek: Will we ever get in the pool again?!?! One day out of the pool and that's what it feels like, despite about a week or more of near-perfect days for swimming and solar heating. Funny how the brain works :D
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    Discolored water -- Kicking myself

    I needed to add 2-3 inches to the pool yesterday, and instead of dragging out the long hose reel and stringing it across two yards to get to my father-in-law's municipal water supply -- the only water I've ever used to fill and refill my pool -- I got lazy and decided to just use our nasty well...
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    Total Alkalinity>500 -- Is that even possible?!

    I quit adding drops after 50 and the test sample was still green as green can be. I don't have any major problems with this pool, other than pH continually creeps up around 7.8-7.9. Do I make an attempt to get the TA/pH down?
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    Pitfalls of installing a Hayward heater

    Today the new Hayward H100ID1 100,000 BTU natural gas heater arrived and I plan to do all phases of the install myself, including the gas line and plumbing from the Hayward filter to the pool return. At this point I am NOT planning to use the solar panels ahead of the heater to supplement the...
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    Review - Noma Programmable Timer

    It's cold and rainy. Has been for the last three days. My pool temperature, with no sunlight and overnight temps dropping into the 50s, has fallen to 70 degrees. No one's getting wet today! So I decided to take the time to write a review on my new pool timer, the Noma Outdoor Programmable Timer...
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    I'm ready to circumcize my Intex!

    Yes, you heard me right. After the pole attachment for my vacuum head broke, I decided to get into the pool today to do the job my hand. I discovered that I've got a buildup of gunk down around the bottom where the seam is. It looks like a flap of ... vinyl or whatever is catching all of this...
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    Tiny Bubbles!

    On the sides of my pool. Is that because I added 5.5 lb. of dry acid last night? Let me explain. No. Let me sum up: Since filling with municipal water and chlorinating to open the season, my pH had been near-perfect while the TA was high, above 200 at times. Recently, after water level dropped...
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    Do I need a check valve?

    I hav been running my new 4'x20' solar panel for a week or so with some success (when the sun isn't behind a rain cloud). I have a diverter on the system, which includes a Hayward DE filter and 50 gpm pump. The filter was running at 11 psi before I added the panels and I had it anywhere from 14...
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    Final input on skimmer location

    The Hydro Tools skimmer has arrived, and none too soon, as you can see from my photo! Hopefully tomorrow I'll have this thing installed, and I covet anyone's advice on where exactly to locate it. I have decided to keep the original Intex outlet/suction line and will tee it into the skimmer line...
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    Well, that didn't work out so well/Intex/Hayward conversion

    From the very beginning of this new pool project, we've had this Hayward Matrix Power-Flo 50 gpm pump set to replace the original Intex pump. After filling the pool and getting the water balanced with the original pump, not to mention using my old beehive solar heater to do a little heating, I...
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    Need a plan for dispensing Diet Coke syrup

    You guys are all smart, right? Know a lot about beverages and moving liquids? I want some ideas about how to pump bulk (5 gal.container) Diet Coke from my basement to my kitchen. I bought my wife a SodaStream for Christmas and she was all excited about it until she got a taste of what passes...
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    Looking for a new skimmer - choices

    Having just plumbed and started the new Hayward pump, I get the sense that I need to speed up my quest for a through-the-wall skimmer for my Intex Ultra Frame. I have done some research here and looked for options on eBay. I'm narrowed down the search to four choices, for now...
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    1 h.p. timer?

    So, I'm getting ready to install the new Hayward pump soon, running power down the side of the house to the pump location. Since it has no timer of any sort, I thought I should perhaps investigate upgrading my current model, one of those manual 24-hour timers with the small clips that go up and...
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    Concerns about high pressure in flat-panel solar heaters

    I have been researching with earnest several of the flat-panel black poly solar heaters, the 2'x20' and 4'x20' variety, and I see some mention of too much water pressure being a problem. We're about to mate probably a 4'x20' system like the SunGrabber with our new Hayward 50gpm pump and I don't...
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    Best location to install skimmer/Intex Ultra Frame

    After assembling and filling our new 18' Intex Ultra Frame I was hoping to use the old over-the-wall Intex skimmer for a while, but I managed to break the arm of the skimmer and it can't be repaired longterm. I guess going with a through-the-wall skimmer got put on the front burner. I'm probably...