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    Jandy PDA wasn't displaying Aquapure info.

    I had a problem that some people had posted in the past, namely that their Jandy PDA wasn't displaying the Aquapure SWG information or the salt level in their pool. As most people have posted, a power cycle usually fixes the problem, and I discovered that to be true, but one important part was...
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    Hello from Florida's Space Coast!

    Hi Guys, I'm new on the scene here. Originally from the northeastern USA, but now living in Florida's sunny climate. Anyway, this is my first time having responsibility of a pool, and I've been following here for a few months and decided to join. And I finally had a question to post, which I...
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    AquaPure 125 194 errors and Pool Contractor said Hayward bought Jandy

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to this site but you all seem very knowledgeable. I have a six year old, 16,000 gallon, gunite pool, in Florida. My six year old, AquaPure PLC1400 SWG is giving the 125 194 error codes and the pool has no chlorine. The SWG is clean inside and I do maintain it regularly, so...