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    pH & TA relationship

    Hi all, After having a new pool for about a year now, I'm starting to figure out it's weekly routine on when to add acid. My question is, if my pH is 7.4 TA is usually around 80ppm. However when the pH rises to around 7.8-8 it jumps to 100-120ppm. Is this normal? I find myself adding 2 cups of...
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    Unusual white stain? But isn't calcium..

    Hi all, I've just bashed washed my in-ground pool in preparation for my holiday's and noticed the following. If I brush/slash with water the marking disappears for a minute before returning. Anyone know what it is? I've never seen this before. Thanks! PH: 7.7 TA: 100 FC: 7 CH: 375 CYA: 70...
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    Algae skimmer box?

    Hi all, relatively new but found everyone extremely helpful in getting my pool chems sorted. I’ve got a weird one, looks like there’s algae in the skimmer box only.. is this of a concern ? Thanks. Fc @ 6 CC@ 0
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    Plaster pool & CSI (not another CSI post..)

    Hi everyone, New to the forums but finding everyone extremely helpful.. being a new pool owner I'm starting to understand the water chemistry *I think*.. My issue being CSI to ensure no calcium build up. I had to re-plaster (pebbblecrete) our pool due to the previous home owners destroying it...
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    In-ground spa aeration (not another aeration post!)

    Hi all, Newly home owner (no pool/spa experience) with a 5,000L (1320 gallon) in-ground spa with an aeration problem. * No heater * SWG * Onga LTP750 pump (280LPM / 74 GPM) - only 1 speed mode * Pump runs daily for 45 minutes * Pebble creek spa with waterline tiles (grout) - Not my spa but...