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    TFP Method?

    Okay, where is the TFP method to make this rain go away? :p Almost the end of June have only been in the new pool once! I'm ready to swim:swim: Ranting over. At least it supposed to be dry tomorrow.
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    Question About Balancing

    Brand new IG vinyl pool and first time pool owner. It's been up and running since last Thursday. Been working on getting my numbers at the proper level from initial fill (city water from hose) Here is where I am currently: pH 7.0 TA 130 FC 8 CC 0.4 (holding here since...
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    New Build in Ohio

    Hi all! Been lurking around here since last summer when the thought of putting in a pool came up. My wife hates public pools and I was tired of the weather not cooperating on my days off to go swimming on those hot, humid Ohio days. We signed our contract this past January. The original...