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    Pentair Acid Pump Not Dosing

    Just a tip. I fill my tank 2/3 acid 1/3 water. It does require re-filling more often but the equipment lasts long due to the diluted acid.
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    Add Liquid Chlorine To Closed Pool

    Sure, what specifically?
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    Add Liquid Chlorine To Closed Pool

    I also have a gunite pool and close my own pool, typically not until late October. (Live near Philadelphia). After my pool is closed, I add chorine about once a month to get the FC up. So far this has seemed to work as I open to a clear pool each spring when I open it in April.
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    New Pool Build in MD!

    Providing my opinion, which is only an opinion, I prefer the first design because it does allow for a longer swimming area. I agree that you want a way to walk around the entire pool. Could you use the first design but rotate the entire pool clockwise so shallow end/ledge is farther away from...
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    1" x 1" glass tile does not look straight

    Keep in mind, the only time you will really notice it is when the water is 100% still. With people in the pool and the water moving I would not think you will notice it. I am sure you want it 100% perfect, but overall it does look very nice.
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    What are we doing wrong?

    I noted you said you only keep your pool open 3 months out of the year. I am not that far from you and we have our pool open 7 months out of the year. Late opening and early closing could be making it difficult to manage your pool as you will be closing it when the water is still warm and...
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    mustard algae and poor circulation. please help!!

    You really need to commit to buying the proper test kit. The advise you will get here is outstanding, however it all starts with getting the right test kit and sharing your numbers.
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    Letting people use your personal pool when you are not home?

    Regarding the original post, I think the key is your fiancé's mom wants to bring a friend. Once "friends" start to be invited, it becomes impossible to manage. Boundaries need to be set upon who can or who can not swim unsupervised. You do set yourself up for significant liability...
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    New build Atlanta—huge issue—need suggestions

    Being that I am reading this, I feel compelled to offer my opinion about the seats. They are also a hazard in that someone swimming can get a pocket of their bathing suit caught on them and potentially be trapped. Just offering an observation. Regardless, enjoy your new pool.
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    IG 20x40 Vinyl Build Chicago, Illinois

    If you are referring to the added expense of running a 400,000 btu heater vs. a 250,000 btu heater you have to remember you are simply going to have to run the smaller heater longer to achieved the same desired temperature than if you had the 400,00 btu heater. I know there are people in the...
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    IG 20x40 Vinyl Build Chicago, Illinois

    You may want to consider a larger heater. Our pool is 30,000 gallons (free form approx. 20 x 40) so approximate same size pool as yours. We have a 400,000 btu natural gas heater. It will heat the pool 1-2 degrees an hour. If the heater you are looking to install is 250,000 btu, you are...
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    Pool bar with bathroom

    We had a pool house built at the same time as our pool was installed. Pool house is 20 x 10 with bathroom and kitchen. It is fully enclosed with no outside seating. Cost of pool house including foundation was $28K. Hook up to sewer water and electric was another $3K. We also required an...
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    FC / CC test and water temperature

    Thank you very much. I believe I found what my problem was. My FC reagent must of gone bad. Might have been 2 or 3 years old and when I used it, it showed I had very little chlorine despite clear water, and CC of 0. This was despite pouring many gallons of bleach into my pool. I used new...
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    FC / CC test and water temperature

    Hello, Does water temperature affect the FC or CC test? I opened my pool and the water temp is 57 degrees. If I test FC and CC as soon as I take the water sample will it read differently than if I let it sit inside and warm up to room temperature? Thank you.
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    Pool surface feeezing

    I really appreciate your time/efforts. Thank you.
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    Pool surface feeezing

    Thank you very much!
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    Pool surface feeezing

    Corrected. Thanks for catching that.
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    Pool surface feeezing

    There is a very thin layer of ice now, probably 1/8 inch. Tomorrow avg temp is 31 Wednesday avg temp is 18. = 14 FDD Thursday avg temp is 8 = 24 FDD Friday avg temp is 14 = 18 FDD Saturday avg temp is 21 = 12 FDD Sunday avg temp is 36 That is 68 FDD / 15 = 4.5 inches of ice which puts my...
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    Pool surface feeezing

    Hello, My pool is winterized and I currently have my mesh safety cover on my 30K gallon gunite pool. The water is 4 inches above the top of my light fixtures. Over the next 4 days we are going to have freezing temps with two days in the mid 20’s and two days in the low teens. Question...
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    Should the fallen leaves be cleared off the safety cover?

    Blowing them off will help to keep your cover clean. Some leaves sometimes get under my safety cover into my pool, so blowing them off of the cover and out of the pool area is always a good idea. Great looking pool!!!
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    New Construction in SE Pennsylvania

    I would suggest switching to the variable speed pump now. Yes it is an added cost, but you will save money once the pump is up an running. I also strongly suggest the SWG. We have had ours for two seasons and love it. Good luck!
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    Pool return lost its threading, how can I attach replacement eyeball jet?

    None of my returns have threads, they are all the type that are tapered and are pushed in with a rubber mallet. I bought a few extras to have on hand. If you want to PM me to remind me I would happy to look and see where I bought them from.
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    Heater Questions

    Hello, I have the same heater however our pool is 30,000 gallons and I run my pump at 1,900 RPM regardless if heater is on or not. In one hour my pool will heat up between 1-2 degrees. As a general comparison it appears the rate at which your pool heats up is correct. I will defer to...
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    Anyone know what these are?

    They are relief valves. If you ever have to drain your pool completely, those should be opened which relieve any pressure from water that may be below your pool. It will help to keep you pool from lifting out of the ground when the pool is empty.
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    SLAM before closing -- Question

    Thank you to for the TFP community. I have learned so much here. It is amazing how many of my friends and neighbors who have pools but don't follow TFP look at me like I am crazy when I tell them I have never set foot in a pool store and manage my pool myself. Anyway... My question is...
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    Another where to locate my pool equipment pad request...

    Regarding the noise, if you are going with a variable speed pump as others have said, noise will not be an issue. Our pump is 8-10 feet from a seating area on our desk and no one even hears it when running at about 1,200 RPM.
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    Does 30k pool need 2 pumps?

    I have a 30K pool. 3 wall returns and 3 floor returns and have very good circulation.
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    Hello from Southeastern Pennsylvania - Early Stages of Construction!

    Good luck! I can be a fun project and when you are done I am sure you will really enjoy it.
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    Losing FC

    I checked the FC in the morning and it held steady. Thanks again. I was concerned that by loosing so much FC during the day in meant that something was eating my FC again.
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    Losing FC

    Thank you very much. I will check it again in the morning.