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  1. jcowart

    New sign for the pool

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  2. jcowart

    Going back to tabs!!!

    Will this rain ever stop in Texas. I'm going back to tabs. Having the pool over flow every day for the last week, my CYA will never rise with tablets.
  3. jcowart

    New sign for the deck

    My brother in law found this and thought of me. Sent from my VS870 4G using Tapatalk
  4. jcowart

    Good eats at the pool party

    A few days running traps, just shy of 11 dozen blue crabs. My daughter does not like to be bothered when she is working. Sent from my VS870 4G using Tapatalk
  5. jcowart

    Sodium Bromide to SWCG

    Ok, I think I have finally converted my brother in law over to the "clean" side. It only took a conversion from bac with their first pool and always looking at ours to see the light. I do not have any numbers on his pool and I know his CYA is sky high so that will need to be addressed. My...
  6. jcowart

    Stenner/Bleach freeze protection

    Well it's that time of year when most people close there pools. We do not down here in Southeast Texas. It really does not get "that" cold for an extended period of time but with all the news going on I have to ask. When should I worry about my stenner pump. I can run the pool pump to keep water...
  7. jcowart

    Buffering % of CYA

    First off I do have a question but a little back story first. My daughter had some friends over and since we like to entertain the parents "pool owners themselves" stayed. Both made comments on how clear the pool was. I told them that I use bleach to chlorinate and what I target my FC at. The...
  8. jcowart

    New Swimmer to the family

    Well he has not made it to the pool yet but. My wife was running her a bath. She turned around and he is in the tub playing with her sponge. He is a 5 month old F3 bobcat.
  9. jcowart

    Rasberry crazy ants

    Well I have seen it on the news but this is my first experience with these little critters. I had a GFCI that would not reset by my pad the other day. We had a lot of rain the last couple of days so I have been putting troubleshooting off. Well today I noticed the breaker tripped. Instant fault...
  10. jcowart

    GV bleach fluke

    Every once and a while I like to do an OCLT. I guess it's the OCD coming out in me, so the wife just lets me be. Anyway I tested and got a base then took the pool up to my high target tonight with fresh Walmart bleach. Tested an hour or so later and have overshot my target by 3.5. Now after...
  11. jcowart

    What to do with DE?

    What do you do with used DE. I have a well used pillow case on the end of my backwash hose. I might add that I have a perflex "bump" filter so it's gravity backwashed and not under pressure. I ask because my brother-in-law went from a sand filter to a house with an I/G pool and DE filter. The...
  12. jcowart

    Different phenol red

    I have been running my fountain a lot the last week. Temps in the mid 90's, pool mid 80's. I keep my TA around 75 to 80 and get very little ph movement. That changes when I run the fountain. Now that I am testing ph more I ran out. Sent SWMBO to get somemore. She came home with a new bottle of...
  13. jcowart

    TFtestkit- customer service

    Just wanted to let others know, mainly ones that may have bought kits from Amazon or some other place. You don't get this kind of customer service from Amazon. Ordered some refills the other day. R-0870, R-0003 and R-0871. The R-0871 opened during shipment. 8 minutes after I email them I got a...
  14. jcowart

    Happy Memorial Day

    400 lbs of crawfish = $519 Friends and family over = ??? Asked countless times how I keep my pool so clear = Priceless "thanks trouble free pool" Giving thanks to all the past, present, and future service men and women = Truly Priceless
  15. jcowart

    I "HATE" lovebug season!

    Never ending two times a year. This is a skimmer sock after 15 to 20 minutes.
  16. jcowart

    Sand to DE filter help

    Just want to say I love this forum. I have an 18k AGP. One skimmer and one no water features. Right now I have a powerline "DB" 1.5hp with a Aquaview 20" sand filter. The pad is right their and is plumbed with 1.5" PVC. Total of 8' from skimmer to return. The water is very clear in...
  17. jcowart

    Testing % of store brand bleach

    New member and pool owner. First thing is I am trying to forget about everything the pool liars told us when they were taking our money for the pool. We were sold on the frog system. I got a test kit and after about a week or so I noticed the water looked clear from the surface but was cloudy...