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  1. Stew1751

    Sensor for Intellichlor IC-40

    My FC readings have been reading zero for the past couple of weeks and I’m burning through my menards pool shock to keep up. I figured the IC-40 could use a good acid clean. When I took it off, it appears that my sensor has corroded away. I assume this means it’s time for a new SWG, but just...
  2. Stew1751

    Pentair Ultratemp Heat Pump not heating water

    Good morning. I'm coming to you guys because my normal pool maintenance company is at a loss. My Heat pump is not heating the water at all. The fan is running and the flow is good, but the water is not heating. They thought it might be the temp sensor and replaced that, but no luck. his pentair...
  3. Stew1751

    Menards pool shock BOGO

    Just an FYI, At least here in O’Fallon, Illinois, Menards pool shock is buy one get one free. The sale starts today and goes all week! Have a great day! -Chad
  4. Stew1751

    winter concrete question with vinyl liner pool

    Good morning. This is my first true post after my introduction post and I look forward to everyone's advice and thank you. We are in the middle of a backyard overall that includes a pool build. Pool will be a variation of the mountain lake design 26' by 42'. It is a vinyl liner with steel...
  5. Stew1751

    Chad from St. Louis

    Hello! I am very happy to find what's looks to be a sincere great pool forum. We live about 15 miles East of St. Louis and are in the middle of a backyard overhaul, which includes our first pool. We have 3 boys (7, 5, & 2). Our pool will be a steel wall, concrete floor, vinyl liner. It's a 26'...