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  1. TonyM

    More grocery store chemicals :)

    Put this in the BBB forum because of the nature of my question - please move if it belongs in a better location OK, so I do my full test tonight (as I do every Sunday), and find that my pH is getting a little high (I have a hard time reading the color chart, but it is definitely at the high...
  2. TonyM

    Deck design - what to do and what not to do; that is the ?

    I bought a house last year that came with an above ground pool. Found this place and have successfully turned my swamp into an oasis. I am a graduate of the pool school and I am a fan of BBB. Now that I am past this stage, I gotta give the wife a place to put her chair. Its deck time. The pool...
  3. TonyM

    New pool owner, fighting algae after a winter uncovered

    Hi all - first post here, so if I am posting in the wrong location or leaving anything out please feel free to push me in the right direction. If I set up my signature correctly, it will have all of the details of what I have. We bought a house last year that came with a 27' AG that was left...